Jason Catron: The Total Package To Shake Up Your Gift

For Jason Catron having a unique voice is something to explore and celebrate. His passion for pushing the envelope to see what opens has resulted in his creation of a new musical genre known as: pop-era. He describes it as pop-influenced classical vocals with opera roots.

The newly certified Brett Manning associate fully understands the importance of honoring what makes your voice unique by developing every color, texture, note, and nuance of its greatest potential.

The Teacher As Singer
The rural Kentucky native also relates to the challenges faced in making the cultural shift from small town dreams to big city lights, and he understands the trials and triumphs an artist endures in the day to day pursuit of personal and professional success as a singer.

He has released two projects as a solo artist, Jason Catron and Hymns, building musical bridges as he dives into converging streams of musical genres. He is a seasoned performer and travels frequently singing at churches, conferences, and other live performance venues that provide a chance to move people with his music.

As Performer
Jason has weathered on camera showcases and multimedia bookings and has learned to adapt to the unique demands that come with the turf.

He has appeared numerous times on Crystal Cathedral’s Hour of Power, as well as shows such as TCT Alive, The Dennis Swanberg Show on TBN, Bridges in Nashville, and HelpLine with Morris Cerullo, among others.

Jason is also member of a fresh pressed trio known as Tenore, blending his vocal with vocalists Shane Wiebe and Mark David Williams. The group’s first release is set for the beginning of October.

“We are the new group from the founder of the Canadian Tenors, Jill Ann Seimans,” he said. “Our events are called Sing!…featuring Tenore. Think Andrea Reiu meets Gaither meets Bocelli. We sing traditional hymns and inspirational songs and invite the audience to Sing! along with us. We are currently planning a 30 city tour across the US and Canada in the spring of 2011.”

He started taking voice lessons around the time he turned eight years old and traveled extensively singing in churches through his teenage years. He then studied music at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.

As Artist Manager
After graduation, he then worked in artist management in the music industry for over six years, managing artists such as Nicole Nordeman, Natalie Grant, Newsong and Clay Crosse.

He is also an accomplished, full-time musician, exploring new ideas for melody, lyric, and moving an audience by connecting heart to heart.

So, he also knows the ropes of the business, has artistic ties, and he understands how to shape, nurture, direct, and encourage to pull together the total package of the artist from the inside out.

“My background is in artist management,” he said. “I still have the bug.”

The 411
SSTV: How did you first hear about Brett and his programs? What was your initial response or feeling before diving in?

Jason Catron: I met Brett during my management days when one of the artists I worked with was having vocal problems. Brett asked me to do a vocal exercise during that first lesson. After I finished the exercise, he told me that he would like to work with me. Thus the friendship began, and I was a believer in the method from day one.

SSTV: What tools as a teacher/performer have been enhanced, adjusted, or even dismissed by your training with Brett’s method?

Jason Catron: Obviously just a more complete, comprehensive knowledge of the entire method have been reinforced during my training. Also, I didn’t know how to play scales before.

SSTV: What are the biggest changes in your voice that have come from training with Brett and his associates?

Jason Catron: I have studied with Brett for almost six years now. There is no one I trust more with my voice. My voice has never been stronger. I used to think that I was a baritone. Now I am a tenor!

SSTV: What impact has Brett’s training had on your confidence as a singer, and in your approach to teaching?

Jason Catron: I definitely have more confidence on my high notes. As a teacher Brett has taught me that the voice is a muscle. Athletes have muscles and focus on conditioning them. Singers should do the same thing. It should be the number one priority of every musician! I believe that by working with Brett and his team, I am far more creative than ever before. There is an atmosphere here that fosters great creativity.

SSTV: What are some of the things you bring to the table that helps to define you as a coach?

Jason Catron: I believe that my time spent working in the industry as an artist manager and my years touring as an artist bring valuable resources to my students.

SSTV: What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges faced by beginners that your teaching can address quickly and effectively?

Jason Catron: Confidence is clearly the biggest challenge when you’re starting out. One of my goals is to help build confidence in my students, be it vocally, personally, or professionally.

SSTV: What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges faced by seasoned performers that your training can address quickly and effectively?

Jason Catron: The number one challenge becomes endurance. The life of a musician is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes you come crashing down the hill. Then, other times you spiral up, down and through the twists and turns of vocal problems. You may even take a turn of giving up. So, as a coach, I want to be there in the ups and downs. I know what that’s like. I’ve been there. Faith and perseverance are the keys that unlock the doors to a lasting career in music.

SSTV: What is your first memory of singing?

Jason Catron: At age 2, I sang "Jesus Loves Me" at our small church. A lady gave me a dollar after I sang, and that was the beginning!

SSTV: What are you key goals as a Brett Manning Associate?

Jason Catron: My main goal is to love my students. If I can always do this, I can help them achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

SSTV: What are your goals as an artist, singer, and songwriter?

Jason Catron: I’m committed to continuing to create encouraging, impactful, timeless music that stirs the soul. I want to be known as one of the great vocalists in my genre.

The Total Package
So with Jason Catron you get the total package – seasoned artist, teacher, manager. His goal is to bring out the best in what is uniquely your gift as a singer. He has the experience and knowledge to provide feedback on making wise career choices.

Jason loves to spend time with people and has traveled around the world for live performance opportunities, on mission trips, and for leisure, having visited 49 of the 50 states and nearly twenty countries, from South Africa to China to Slovakia.

So, he knows people of all walks, shapes, perspectives, and gifts. He honors the unique gift of the voice in each individual and is committed to the extending full measure of that treasure that is your voice.

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