Keep Your Singing Success Alive And Thriving

The road to singing success can be a long one, with many sidetracks, detours, and set backs. However, there are some things you can do to make those sidetracks, detours, and set backs pay off in the long run.

Insulate Don’t Isolate

One of the keys is to avoid isolation. It’s so much easier to stay positive, open, and to maintain creative energy when you’re surrounded by other singers, artists, and those working in the music industry. That’s why it’s important to maintain healthy relationships with at least a handful of singers and other creative types who can help you through tough times and also be there to celebrate your successes.

Creative Side Jobs

There are many gifted singers who struggle to make ends meet solely on their pursuit of a career as a recording artist. While pursuing your singing success you can take a number of side jobs that will teach you more about the nature of the business.

For example, you can work as a PA for a production company, setting up concerts and special events. This can give you an overview of the demands and underpinnings that factor into a live music event. You can work as an usher or in the box office at a live theatre venue or work as a server at your favorite live music venue. The performance tips you can get are invaluable.

Freelance photography is a great way to learn more about image, eye appeal, perception, and market trends. There’s a potential gold mine of information to tap into if you can book gigs shooting concerts or doing publicity shots for a PR firm or artist management.

Learn The Business

You might consider broadcasting or radio as a way to learn the business side of music. Everything from being a gopher to an assistant in engineering or being an on air personality at a smaller market station can work to your favor. It’s a great way to network and learn the industry, as well as get a feel for what people respond to, while becoming more aware of music business trends and challenges.

Depending on your skill level you can look into teaching or coaching. If you’re singer-songwriter you might want to work as a consultant or engage in workshops. Song-plugging is another viable option for learning more about what works. You may want to get involved in musical theatre to work on your live performance presence and technique, as well as communication and storytelling skills.

Self-Check Music Interests

Do a self-check of aspects of the music industry that either intrigue you, or are areas where you need to become more confident or informed. Remember that in the music business, ignorance is not bliss. In fact it will blind you to opportunities to improve your chances for singing success.

Practice Persistence

Whatever you do, don’t neglect your gift! Invest in the programs available here at that have been created to help you discover, define, nurture, and strengthen your unique voice. Periodically book sessions with a Brett Manning certified associate to gauge your progress, make adjustments, and receive expert guidance.

Trust Instincts + Passions

Trust your instincts and passions as you move forward, sharpen your tools and resources, and add to your arsenal. Don't be afraid to make tough choices, but be kind and good to yourself in the process. You need to work with talented singers, songwriters, musicians, technicians, and gifted directors – this must remain a top priority.

Be A Sponge

Ask questions and soak in everything you can learn and apply so that you increase your chances for success. Use what works to improve your interpretive and technical skills – even if it goes against theory or technique at times. Find a coach and confidante that will help to keep you stay focused, positive, and resilient – while they also hold you accountable!

Forum Tap

Use the forums at for feedback, brainstorming, career tips, and networking. Find side jobs that will enhance your awareness of the business side of the music industry, and share your experience with others via the forums.

A mixture of luck, passionate pursuit, hard work, talent, patience, dedication, networking, and seized opportunities can work in concert to help you reap the full potential of your sing success.

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