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Sometimes, even in the peak of summer, I crawl into bed totally frozen. The coldest part of me? My feet. In the winter, I end up putting socks on because I literally can’t sleep if my feet are cold. Here’s the problem though…I start the night like a fridge but end up like an oven. I think I create the body heat of a blue whale you guys. So the middle of the night rolls around and I’m melting. I ALWAYS end up pushing those socks off and then they get lost in the sheets at the foot of my bed. Because clearly I also cannot sleep with hot feet either. I must be terribly high maintenance.

Anyway, I realize this is supposed to be about singing. So here’s my point… When we first embark on our vocal journey to good technique, we find that we have certain vocal problems. So we come up with our prescriptions to fix them and start practicing to cure our flaws. But then, a little while into the journey, we find that the prescriptions that used to bring us amazing freedom are feeling stale and even problematic.

See your voice is the cold feet and your practice routines are the socks. When they stop working, change it up folks! Take the socks off! You have to start believing that you have remedied your problems in your voice and sing as if that’s true! Because the environment of your voice will change and those weaknesses will get stronger. I hate that negative nancy adage “oh, they will never change”….that’s bull. We change constantly.

Too many singers sing in their “old voice” when they have nearly new cords! You have worked hard and i bet it has paid off! It might be time for you to begin singing with the confidence that you’ve done your due diligence and that obstacles are no longer there. When you live in fear of it, you see it in your imagination and still stumble over this “phantom pain” that you dealt with long ago.

So take the socks off. Let your mind go to the next level that your voice is already at and change your routine. Your voice will thank you.

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