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Take a moment to reflect on the perception of your voice. Ask yourself what you feel are its distinguishing features and qualities. What are the things you like about it? What would like to change? What are some things you don’t like about your voice that others seem to find

appealing or see as a non-issue?

Take time to put together a list of words and phrases that capture the essence of your vocal quality and potential power based on your perspective when you are singing or learning how to sing. Let this truly be a self-assessment of your vocal gift, regardless of what others tell you. So, note the distinguishing features, qualities, and strengths.

What Others Say

Now step outside of yourself and evaluate what others have said or are saying about your voice. What are the most common comments you receive from friends, mentors, support personnel, fans, and total strangers? Do they say that you need help singing or should be taking singing lessons? Do they look up to you as a singer and mentor?

Don’t think in terms of negatives or positives. What you’re looking for here are words that describe your voice and capture the essence of its impact or influence, as well as its perceived strengths.

For example, you might have heard a lot of comments about your natural vibrato. Most of the times it’s mentioned in a positive light, while there are comments from some of your listeners who find your vibrato distracting or even affected. But the takeaway here would be “strong vibrato.”

The Source Not the Issue

You might have issues with projection or articulation when singing. You might have quirks in your voice with pitch or tone or even enunciation. There may be a regional accent or ethnic flavor in your voice. These are all qualities that some may find appealing, some may see as distracting; while for others, it may even go unnoticed.

Again, what you’re looking for here are words and phrases that capture the impact and influence of your voice and the qualities that define it, while noting what is most frequently commented on.

Frequent Overlaps

Now compare the qualities you’ve identified with the comments you hear most often from others. What is mentioned most frequently? Where do your lists of observations and comments overlap or echo each other?

Make note of these qualities and comments that are repeated and stressed.

Strengthen – Enhance

Then, for each quality or characteristic identified, ask yourself what can be done to strengthen or enhance each one of these vocal tendencies.

Enhancement and strengthening will likely include specific coordinations and exercises from Brett Manning’s Singing Success and Mastering Mix programs.

It may also include specific songs, musical genres, themes, and subjects that can help showcase your natural qualities by using them to enhance or strengthen the impact of a performance.

How + Why

When looking at each of the most frequently cited qualities or characteristics, ask yourself: how would I like to use or develop this, and why? This will help to guide you in selecting material, choosing performance venues, targeting your audience, defining your image, and even in making career choices or changes.

Define or Refine

It will help you to define your sound and determine adjustments to make for greater flexibility or variety. It will aide in setting challenges and goals in terms of bending and stretching your vocal potential.

Threads for Tips

Compare notes with others at to share challenges with defining and refining your vocal qualities and technique. Ask for suggestions and tips through the forum threads on how to strengthen or make adjustments in those qualities that are most frequently associated with your voice.

Associate Assessment

Share your assessment with one of Brett’s certified master associates in an extra coaching session. Ask for their spin on the qualities and impact of your unique voice.

Paint Effective Pictures

The better acquainted you are with the impact of colors, textures, and senses stirred by your voice, the more moving and dynamic pictures you will be able to paint with your unique gift. That is the ultimate defining quality of true singing success with will have a lasting impact that resonates in the heart.

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