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Giuseppe Lopizzo recently had the pleasure of visiting with and working alongside his master mentor, Brett Manning, when Brett visited with him in Italy.

“Brett’s visit was awesome,” he said. “We did

three master classes. One was in a big theater in Ravenna, during the most important Italian convention about the singing voice; another one was held one in Padova, where I teach; and the third one took place in Modena, Pavarotti’s hometown.”

Giuseppe said that everywhere Brett went he was very well received.

“People loved him and his technique, everybody said that he knows how to communicate with people and that he’s a great soul,” he said.

Teaching Improves Reaching Others

Giuseppe also feels that by teaching and sharing Brett’s methodology and programs, he’s truly become a much better singer, performer, and teacher.

“Teaching has taught me a lot of things,” he said. “First of all, I think that you can say you really know something once you can explain it to another person, and teach it. While teaching, you learn to communicate first of all with your soul and with your heart. It’s first of all an exchange of emotions that sets the stage for a sharing of knowledge.”

So, having a passion for sharing your voice through singing, speaking, acting, or teaching is critical to laying the groundwork for further growth and development in others and in those you’re attempting to reach.

It also sends the message that you believe in your gifts and consider it an honor or blessing to share your gifts with others, so that they can proceed with sharper skills, a deeper passion, a better understanding, and a greater appreciation for their gifts.

Transcend Differences

But Guiseppe also noted another benefit that comes with sharing what he’s learned through working with Brett, his roster of certified master associates, and his many products such as Singing Success and Mastering Mix.

“While teaching you learn a lot about yourself and about your voice; and so, you become a much better singer if you’re a teacher,” he said. “You learn to deal with different kinds of people, because you can’t show the same concept to everyone in the same way.”

A Better Communicator

So, one of the many perks of taking Brett’s teaching to heart is that it makes you a better communicator.

You discover that each person that has a unique set of life experiences filtered by the drives and desires of a one-of-a-kind personality. Each person will respond to cues and clues for learning based on those filters and factors that make them a unique individual.

Brett’s Teaching Enhances Uniqueness

Further proof for the success of Brett’s teaching is that it builds bridges to connect and transcend language, culture, personality, gender, taste, education, ethnicity – and in the process it further enhances all that is uniquely you in defining your authentic voice as a singer, singer-songwriter, broadcast journalist, actress, voiceover talent, stand up comic, international motivational speaker, storyteller, spoken word performer, global translator, pageant contestant, public information officer, talent contestant – whatever your unique choice to use your distinctive voice!

Brett’s methodology and teaching helps to refine and further define the grand design of your true voice.

Forums Feed Continued Progress

Use the forums at to compare notes on coordinations and exercises. You might want to compare notes with others on your experiences with your first or most recent skype lesson with one of Brett’s certified master associates. Or, you might talk about any challenges you’re facing or groundbreaking discoveries with Mastering Harmony so that you get a greater sense of issues others face in listening for harmonic progressions, singing harmony, or in creating harmonies.

New Goals – Sharper Focus

Make notes on any perceptual changes that impact your career goals, and share those as well with others via the forum threads. In other words, think about how your goals have been slightly tweaked, clearly adjusted, further focused, or completely reworked based on strides made in becoming a better singer and communicator.

Two Keynote Questions

Consider these two questions: how has the sharpening of your technical skills impacted your interpretive ability? How has your understanding of the meaning and story of a song influenced the choices you make creatively and technically in bringing the material to life?

Share your experiences and responses with your peers through the forums or with mentors or members of your mastermind group or artistic development team. Share them with your favorite Brett Manning certified master associate. And create a special or keep a handwritten journal to acknowledge and track your progress and achievements.

The more you share of what you know, the more you’ll learn so that you continue to grow. Daring and caring to share will lead you to experience the fullest measure of your true singing success!

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