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The collective work of the great creative minds of our past is a gift to us. Their art – be it musical, architectural, poetic, or visual- elevates our minds. It reveals to us the lack of profundity in our own art and motivates us to strive for something greater. As a creative, it is imperative that you seek out iron with which to sharpen yourself. Otherwise, it is likely that your creative energy will become dull and will, over time, become more and more uninspired.

This morning, I visited my favorite coffee shop. I listened to a cello suite by Johann Sebastian Bach, I read a book by one of my favorite authors, and indulged in an excellent cup of coffee. I people-watched and I searched for inspiration. I searched for inspiration not from fellow commercial artists, mind you, but from sources that on a surface level have little or nothing to do with commercial music. My goal was not to mimic artists that are like myself, but to seek out that which unifies all artistic minds- the desire to create. You see, whether we are writing a song or a novel, painting a picture, designing a building, or composing a symphony, the genesis of our abilities remains the same. And by filling my senses with the brilliance of artists from multiple genres and generations, I found within myself a desire to contribute to the brilliant history of man’s artistry- to take part in the great conversation that has been taking place since man took his very first breath.

In the Bible, the very first words uttered by man are song from a man to his wife in praise to the glory of God. From his very first words, man was being creative. He had no fellow artists to mimic. He didn’t need them. All he needed was the ability to create and the desire to use that ability. Therefore, in order to be truly original, we must first realize that creativity is not something that should be strived for, but rather is something that flows from within us. All we have to do is get out of its way.

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