Make Changes to Advance Your Singing Success

Several times we’ve talked about the importance of assessing your progress periodically in advancing your career and then making adjustments.

Your self-assessment should then be reviewed by a mentor, vocal coach, or another accountability partner who can provide further insight, affirm your progress, and help you determine

any action you need to take or adjustments you need to make moving forward.

Supportive Feedback

You can get further feedback on your self-assessment through sharing with your mastermind group, personal support group, band members, your peers, and anyone that is a part of your creative support team.

If you feel you are too busy to take time to assess your progress or revisit goals and objectives, this is most often a sign of some more serious issues. There’s a good chance that you may be neglecting other areas of development as well.

Take Time to Make Change

You may have a tendency to skip over or skim the surface of things that you know need attention. It’s like saying, “I know I need to do this, but I don’t have enough time to fully address it.” Word of warning – the longer you put off addressing an issue that needs attention, the worse it will get, and can create bigger problems and other issues.

If you don’t take time to assess how you’re doing, you may not be aware of practices that are being neglected or are not fully engaged. If you don’t take time to review or discuss your assessment with others, you also miss out on potential reinforcement of positives and progress.

Refresh + Refuel

You may discover an area that needs more work, and you may get some fresh ideas for being more effective in tackling the things you need to work on. Sometimes you can be so deeply entrenched in a daily or weekly routine that you may not realize there are more effective alternatives to consider.

A Matter of Time

Your changes or adjustments to become more productive might really be very simple. You might discover that a shift in the time you spend working with the Mastering Mix or Singing Success programs would be better served if you made an adjustment in the time of day. It might be more fun for you to mix things up by working with a program late at night twice a week, and in the morning on other days.

To Do or Not To Do

You want to assess what’s working, what isn’t working properly, what needs to be discarded, and what needs to be engaged. In other words, what do you need to keep doing, do better, not do, and what do you need to start doing.

What Am I Resisting?

In looking at things you need to take up in order to move forward in your career, ask yourself this question: what is it that I keep putting off that I know I should do?

This question will reveal action that needs to be taken that is often related to a major stumbling block that, if addressed, would be very liberating. The “start doing” category could be anything from acting lessons to live performance skills through Tom Jackson to looking for ways to give back to your community or get some hands on vocal training.

Refuse Your Excuses

For example, let’s say you keep thinking how you really ought to book a session with one of Brett Manning’s certified associates. But, you always have a number of excuses for not doing it. They run the gamut of everything from “I can’t afford it” to you feel you’re not ready to “I just don’t have time” and everything in between.

Insight + Input From Brett’s Coaches

If you’re someone that feels you have to be at a certain performance level before booking a session, as if you’re auditioning or stepping up, it’s important to shift your perspective. You need the input and insight that Brett’s certified coaches will bring you that will affirm your talent and confirm your proper engagement of his techniques. This will give you more confidence for auditioning, showcasing, and in taking other critical steps in advancing your career.

Reason To Book It

If it’s a time commitment issue, you might discover that booking a session periodically actually saves you time, because questions you have are answered, and your skill level is heightened by the immediate feedback you receive. It brings the pursuit of your career to a level of authenticity that further validates your choice to pursue a vocal career. If it stirs up any apprehension or concerns, you can get immediate feedback.

Session Savings Account

If your reluctance to invest in booking regular sessions is an issue of cost, you can create a “personal session savings account” for yourself at home where you make it a point to set aside funds that are reserved for booking sessions. Then, you book sessions as your funds allow. Or, you can take a temporary job with the money you make strictly reserved for your session savings fund.

Share The Experience

Maybe you have a friend that is also thinking about booking a session, or maybe some members of your band that aren’t that confident with their singing ability have been thinking about booking a session. So, you might consider pooling your financial resources and taking a trip to Nashville to book some time with a coach at Brett Manning Studios.

That First Step = The Toughest

You might simply need to just get your feet wet by taking that first step to book one session via Skype, just to see how it goes. When you haven’t tried something before, it can be a little scary or intimidating because you’re facing some element of the unknown. Then, all kinds of excuses, fears, doubts, economic issues, and other reasons for reluctance will be stirred up to keep you from taking that first step.

Take Action – Make Adjustments

So, be proactive. You know you want to book at least one session with one of Brett’s coaches via Skype, over the phone, or in the studio – so, do it. Get feedback from others in the SingingSuccess.TV forums on their experience with Brett’s certified associates. Talk about adjustments you need to make in order to be more productive and more proactive in advancing your career.

Consider These – Please

So remember, in doing any self-assessment, you need to consider: what do I need to keep doing, what do I need to do better, what do I need to stop doing or what habits do I need to discard, and what do I need to start doing.

If you haven’t booked a session with one of Brett’s coaches, set up a plan to just do it. If you’ve not upgraded your SingingSuccess.TV forums membership but have been thinking about it, do it now.

Take the time to make a positive change by investing in your career. Affirm and celebrate the gift of your unique voice. That is the first step toward achieving the full potential of your singing success.

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