Making Moments Full Of Shine – Part II

Last week you were directed to create three lists – your favorite singers, people you admire and all-time favorite songs. You were asked to jot down what it is that makes each song, singer, and person appealing.
First take a look at the singers you selected.

Do these singers have anything in common with each other? In what ways are they alike? In what ways do you wish you were like them somehow? How are they like you? The grouping of these vocalists is very telling in that it likely reflects your style in some way.

Now consider your list of the people you admire. Do they have anything in common with each other? In what ways are they alike? In what ways do you wish you were more like them somehow? How are they like you? Is their family background similar to yours? Do you look like them in some way? In what way do you relate them?

The grouping of these heroes likely reflects your character or desire for growth, personal achievement, and recognition in some way. Finally let’s evaluate the list of your favorite songs.

Do these songs have anything in common with each other such as theme, subject, genre, tempo? In what ways are the songs similar? Why would you want to sing these songs? In what ways do you feel like these songs could have been written for you?

The grouping of these songs represents in some way the kind of material you are drawn to perform or called to write? Your choices and reasons in these three areas can also help you in finding co-writers, composers, band members, or other support personnel as you advance your career and enhance your image. Defining your image will help you chart your course for success. That road to success will serve to refine and further define the light you wish to project and reflect.

Know Where You Stand

But before you know where you’re headed, it’s important to know where you’re coming from. In other words, this self-evaluation helps you to know where you stand so that you’re able to carry on with a sense of purpose, focus and direction. Keep a blog and vlog (video log) of your journey. It will help you to track your progress, test material and evaluate your look as you stop to refresh and refuel.

If at some point you feel there is a need for a major change in your look, vision or material, stop and ask yourself the following question: what do I want to keep? This question must be asked before you take any further action. I learned this question that helps with assessing change from a very bright woman who has worked for more than 20 years as a community planner:

“When looking at the plot of land regardless of its size, what is it that you want to preserve,” she said. “What gives the property its unique character and beauty? You need to do that before you start cutting down shade trees or leveling natural hills and slopes.”

And so it goes with that unique property that is your talent. Keep what works. Refine what needs improvement. And love what’s working. It will love you back.

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