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Greetings Singing Success users, subscribers and visitors. This is Ethan Opelt, CEO of Singing Success, Inc. I am so proud to tell you about our brand new product Mastering Harmony: Volume One that is NOW available for PRE-ORDER. Read below to find out all of the freebies that come with your pre-order! Mastering Harmony: Volume One is a 4 CD and 1 DVD program created by 10-time Grammy Winner

and founding member of the vocal group Take 6, Claude McKnight and our very own Singing Success creator, Brett Manning.

Brett Manning of Singing Success and Claude McKnight of Take 6

Pre-Order Mastering Harmony: Volume 1 here

Many of you will recall a survey that we sent you earlier this year. The survey simply asked you what vocal training products you would like to see developed and released by Singing Success in the near future. The overwhelming majority of you declared that a harmony program was at the top of your list.

In our effort to consistently bring you the very best vocal training products, videos and coaches, we did not disappoint. Mastering Harmony: Volume One is the world’s only systematic method to find, hear and sing harmonies. When you are finished using Volume One, you will learn how to sing harmony more easily than the melody.

Mastering Harmony: Volume OneWe still recommend that you build a foundation by using the Singing Success Program prior to investing in Mastering Harmony: Volume One but MHV1 will help you quantify the fundamentals of harmony by experiencing the 3-fold learning methodology: Inform the Mind, Acclimate the Ear & Coordinating the Voice. You will learn how to blend with another singer in a way that will give your audience immediate goose bumps.

Pre-Order Mastering Harmony: Volume 1 here

The program contains 4 audio CDs full of dozens of explanations, exercises, techniques, anecdotes and parables. It also comes with a DVD containing a real-life master class with Claude and Brett and some very special guests including television stars Street Corner Symphony!

This blog is simply to inform you that Mastering Harmony: Volume One is NOW available for PRE-ORDER. We are currently offering a limited special offer for those of you that get on the bandwagon and pre-order this product. For a limited time, when you pre-order Mastering Harmony: Volume 1 for only $99.95, you will also receive FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING PLUS 1 FREE Month SingingSuccess.TV Subscription. The freebies alone are worth up to $60. Tell your friends, choir directors, family members and anyone that has always wanted to be able to sing harmony, but just needed a little assistance!

Pre-Order Mastering Harmony: Volume 1 here

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