More Sites For Sound Advice

There are countless sites on line that are information-rich and offer an industry-savvy spin on your road to singing success. The first one is a dream come true for many singers. It’s called, and it’s based in Nashville.

To join the site is free, all that’s required is a valid email account. One of the perks of this site is that songwriters that are looking for demo singers and backing vocalists can access samplers from demo singers.

Upload Demo Samples

The samplers are generally 20-30 second segments of a variety of songs combined into one flowing sample of your work. Instead of uploading three songs per style, you can upload three different samplers with each style containing the peak moments of three song snippets, for a total of nine vocal snippets. That gives the listener a better sense of your versatility and strengths.

The cost for creating samplers is $29.95 per three-song sampler. Uploading is provided by the site for free. You can email mp3’s and pay via PayPal or you can send your samples via regular mail. Visit for more details and to sign up for services.

Exposure For Your Band

One of the most popular sites for getting your band some online exposure is The site provides a place for fans to get a feel for your music while visiting your URL. Artists retain all ownership rights. The sit simply handles the technical end of things to get you up and running and hopefully soaring to success.

The site offers track choices in mp3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg. It gives the artist an option of free music, setting a price, or letting visitors make an offer. provides fast, dependable streaming and downloads of the artist’s entire catalog and ensure that your songs are itunes friendly.

This is a great site for singers who want to get a better sense of what’s happening in the business and get ideas for opportunities to pursue. For those with bands, it’s a great platform for promotion. For more information, visit.

Host + Publish + Distribute + Track

Another band-friendly site refers to itself as “The Do It Yourself Music Club.” offers the opportunity to host and publish your music from one site. The site currently touts some impressive traffic at 2.3M page views per month with 450,000 unique monthly viewers and a steady 45 percent growth rate.

Join for free or get an official, pro account that allows you to add direct links to any digital stores. The site provides hosting, creates a single player for all sites that offer your music, helps with distribution, and allows you to check your numbers to see what kind of traffic you are generating. For more information, check out

Pro-Site For The Serious Artist

Finally there is, a technology-focused direct-to-fan marketing, management and distribution platform. The site was founded to help artists manage their catalogs, connect with their growing fan base, and generate further interest in their music. Its creators understand that the technology used by the site is fully engage in the market to distribute, promote, and sell music directly. The site sets the stage for networking with others in the business that can either enhance or complement an artist’s skills.

The site comes with a clearly defined mission: To provide artists the tools they need to market music directly to their fans and build successful businesses. The TopSpin Media team is a collective of technology and marketing professionals that are buzzed about the music business.

TopSpin Media describes itself as a technology company and not a “marketing services” company. It’s goal is to equip artists so that they are able to effectively self-promote. Currently the site’s platform is only available to a few select artists, but the company plans to eventually open it to those actively seeking to make a living from their art., for more information for the serious professional artist.

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