Musical Inspiration

Over the years a lot of people have asked me how to find their niche. “I can sing, but what am I supposed to do with my voice?” If you know, that’s a blessing and that’s great! If you don’t, it’s okay—you can find it too.

Start with what inspires you musically. Listen to music that makes you feel you have no choice but to sing along. That, for me, was Patsy Cline. I listened to her songs over and over again. I didn’t have any of her records back then so I trolled old country radio stations until one of her songs came on and I’d rush to tape it. (Early piracy? Whoops.) I listened hard, taking in the subtleties of her voice—what gave it its richness, what made me connect to it. If I listened intently enough, I felt like I could almost see her singing those songs.

Then I started to sing along. I was infusing the notes with the new tricks I’d picked up from Patsy, pulling from the chest, lightening up on the high notes, and all the while never forgetting to tell a story. The whole mechanism of the voice is like a wonderful machine – you have to learn what all the switches do before it can run at capacity.

I may not sound like Patsy Cline, but she taught me more about style and storytelling than any musician I can think of—and posthumously!

Find some music that floors you and start listening, really listening!

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