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I never make New Year’s Resolutions. Not so much because I don’t think I can’t keep them, but because I just don’t care. Before you think I never make efforts toward self-improvement, I do challenge myself, but for some reason have just never cared about resolutions. But this year I’ve been gestating a few vocal resolutions for the New Year. Here are a few of mine…

1- Go through Mastering Mix again in January. I try to go through this and Singing Success once a year.

2- Start vocalizing early in the morning instead of around 9:30am before I begin teaching. And I mean like 7:30am. Why? Because sometimes I have to sing at 8am, like for church, and it’s as if I am a different species altogether vocally. My voice has gotten used to not being used till 10am so it thinks it can’t do anything prior. But I’m the boss, and it will begin to submit to my coercion.

3- Work out again. I was doing so well. And then life got busy and my behind stopped going to the gym. Surprisingly, exercise helps the voice stay energized and pliable.

Ok, if you’re looking for some ideas of vocal New Year’s resolutions, let me give you some direction.

1- If you haven’t yet gone through Singing Success or Mastering Mix, DO IT. There’s not a chance you’ll be sorry. And if you are, there’s a money back guarantee so it’s a total win win here. Both programs are so challenging and well rounded. It’s bound to keep you in shape vocally.

2- Start singing songs out of your genre. Workshop one different song a month. Not because you need to be amazing at everything genre so you’re “versatile.” I believe most artists need to stay in their lane more and let the “sweet spot” develop. But stretching yourself outside your genre from time to time will only serve to inspire and freshen up what you do best. Lest we get boring. Which is bad. Being boring is for the birds.

3- Expand your musical tastes. Similar to work shopping other unfamiliar songs, we also need to find new people to listen to. Ask your friends who their favorite new musician is, ask people you don’t really know well, ask other musicians. You are bound to discover new singers you’ll enjoy. I actually do this at least once every month or so. I just love finding new artists. The expansion gives us new inspiration to draw from.

4- If you’re a singer and not a songwriter, challenge yourself to write one new original song. Ask for help, sure, but just do it. Don’t think about it, just start writing. If you’re a songwriter and all you do is write, pick a song to cover. Do something different with it, but let yourself explore creativity by giving an old song some new life.

Or suggest to me some of your own! Let me know what you want to do to challenge yourself musically in this New Year. Beware, I may unashamedly steal your awesome ideas.

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