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The most critical key to assuring vocal quality and consistency is the warm-up. Every singer needs an effective complete warm-up not just before performance but also before practicing daily. By not warming up properly or by dismissing it altogether you run the risk of causing serious and even permanent damage that could put an end to your dreams of singing success.

Friend Of Brett Manning

Jamie Wigginton is a celebrated, accomplished singer, musician, songwriter, performer, teacher, vocal coach, and long-time friend and colleague of Brett Manning. He helped create the Singing Success program. Brett and Jamie often get together to brainstorm, compare notes, and refine methods and resources to help singers realize and maintain their full potential as a vocalist.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Jamie Wigginton created The Pro Singer’s Warm-Up so that warming up could be safely and completely engaged by working smarter and not working harder. The program provides keys to warming up your voice for everything from a special performance, a long run of nightly gigs on the road, or everyday practice.

This program allows your voice to move with ease into a daily regimen of your best singing imaginable. It allows you to confidently and consistently reach and own those high notes from a reliable and predictable voice.

BMA Coach Testifies

“I LOVE his warm-up,” said Deborah “Zuke” Smith of Brett Manning Method: East Coast USA. “I use it every single day before I teach. If I do nothing else, I do Jamie’s warm-up. There is something very soothing and meditative about his voice and exercises that get me ready for a day of teaching. So…my daily routine is Jamie Wigginton’s Pro Singer’s Warm-Up and about 15 minutes of selected exercises from Mastering Mix, and that’s perfect for me! Jamie’s warm-up addresses my balanced mix voice perfectly. It’s great when I have to teach jazz, classical, or classical style Broadway.”

Your Daily Perks

This portable program includes fourteen total tracks that are ready to burn to CD, put in your iPOD, or play from your computer. It offers a warm-up that has been designed specifically for use in the morning hours, created to get you out of that froggy voice and into clarity. This is the only morning workout recommended by Brett Manning. There is also a special workout that gets your voice in shape for live singing, and each exercise is carefully and clearly demonstrated to ensure its proper application.

Take Control

Through a faithful commitment to follow this program, you will learn to naturally get your singer’s breathing under control. You will also warm up all parts of your voice easily; even those trouble spots. It allows you to perform with a set of vocal cords that are neither strained nor cold but warm and neutral.

You can make your product selection purchase from three versions – male, female, or both. Think of how easy it will be to have a warm-up system that you just play and listen, whether you are male or female.

Q + A With The Warm-Up Master

Jamie recently shared his perspective on this revolutionary, must-have, foundational program with SSTV.

SSTV: What the prompted creation of your Pro Singer’s Warm-Up?

JAMIE: Warming up the voice is a crucial, yet neglected process. After years of making personalized warm-up CDs for all of my artists, I knew that I needed to come up with something! So I began the process. The challenge was committing to a flow of exercises that would work for “most people, most of the time.” Several months of research, countless drafts and many volunteer artists –that’s what it took to produce this highly effective program.

SSTV: What happens when you don’t warm-up, and what are the short-term and long-term ramifications?

JAMIE: There are some artists who can sit straight up in bed at 6 a.m. and sing Liu’s aria from Turandot (referring to “Tu che di gel sei cinta”). But those voices are very rare. I hear artists, mainly in the country world, that brag about never warming up. No professional athlete on the planet is delusional enough to think he/she can deliver a winning performance with no preparation. And yet, so many artists insist on it, and even pride themselves on the fact. In the short-term, you’ll cheat your audience of your best sound and you’ll wear out faster. In the long-term, you’ll be at risk of incurring serious damage, loosing range, spectrum of sound and flexibility and shortening your career.

SSTV: Aside from not warming up at all, what do you feel are the greatest mistakes singers make in the warm-up process?

JAMIE: “I just sing through my songs to warm up.” Yep, I hear that one a lot. That’s the same as saying, “To warm-up for a 10-mile run, I run 10 miles.” Brilliant. Singers most often simply don’t understand what warming up is for. It’s not practicing your songs. Warming up is about establishing airflow/cord closure balance and increasing blood flow to the vocal mechanism. These things will give the singer a greater sense of freedom and insure peak performance.

SSTV: Let’s say someone has a head cold or a scratchy throat but can’t, or maybe just won’t, cancel a performance. What adjustments should they make to warming up?

JAMIE: When bailing on a performance is not an option, my artists know what to do to get the most out of a banged-up voice. Take some anti-inflammatory medication, increase water intake and warm up slowly. Spend more time on a 5-note scale right on the primo passaggio (1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1), using lip trills, then graduating to a light [u] sound, and then to “mum.” Hit the hard mix just enough to see how it’s going to respond, then do your show. Afterward, be sure to warm down. A few minute of a descending sigh and some lip trill sirens while you’re signing autographs should do it.

SSTV: The Pro Singer’s Warm-Up offers different versions for male and female singers. So, what are some key differences or challenges in male vs. female voices?

JAMIE: The most apparent difference in warming up a male artist versus a female artist is the issue of register demands. Most female artists, regardless of genre, have the option of using head voice a lot in their songs. While men do this, it’s more of an effect than a common color choice. In general terms, men have to “stay in there” much more than the ladies do. In classical singing, men virtually never sing in full head voice. Therefore, balancing airflow and pressure is even more crucial.

SSTV: How has Brett Manning influenced your approach to singing, coaching, and teaching?

JAMIE: Brett’s teaching effectively trims the fat and goes for the meat. He’s never been afraid to experiment and stray from “tried and true.” I love how he sees beyond the artist’s agenda and can give them more than they thought possible. I really like that.

SSTV: Can non-singing professionals such as speakers, voiceover talent, actors, and others that rely on their voice make use of this program?

JAMIE: Absolutely. I have had a few auctioneers as clients, and many public speakers. If your voice is your life, then this program is a lifesaver. The exercises and scales will significantly increase vocal freedom, and will even add interest to the sound of the speaking voice. Talking with more melody in the voice will engage the listener much more than a monotone voice.

SSTV: What gives you the most gratification as a coach and teacher?

JAMIE: My spiritual gift is giving. I have a strong, irrepressible, paternal need to give to my student artists. My life is consumed by research, practice and relationships. My clients know that I don’t want their money. They are confident that I love them far beyond their abilities or their fame. If you can walk into my classroom and ask each student individually, “Would Jamie take a bullet for you?” and every student answers “yes,” then I have done well.

SSTV: What is the best way for someone to contact you?

JAMIE: My email address is: jamie@vocaledge.com, or I can be reached by phone at (615) 329-1504.

So get started today on making one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in the pursuit of your singing success. Be able to start warming up properly, completely, and with ease right away, so that you can begin to access and develop the full potential of your singing voice. Use the warm-up on those non-singing occasions when you know your voice will be taken to task. For actors or speakers, and for anyone who relies on their voice as part of their livelihood, this program is a must!

To get started right away, click on the products tab and purchase The Pro Singer’s Warm-Up or just click HERE. A downloadable copy of the program is available for your convenience. Choose either the male or female version or buy both and save more money!

All About Jamie Wigginton

James R. Wigginton (Jamie) has been training voices professionally for nearly 20 years. He was born into a touring musical family in Western Kentucky, something he refers to as a sort of a hillbilly Partridge Family. Jamie has completed over 25 international tours, in 11 countries, appearing in concert as a performer and as a vocal coach presenting Master Classes. Among the many artists he has worked with are John Michael Montgomery (Capitol), Jessica Andrews (Dreamworks), Pure NRG (Fervent Records), Marcel (Mercury), Trenna Barnes (Cowboy Crush: Asylum/Curb), Shannon Brown (Capitol), Shanna Crooks (Atlantic Records) and Grammy Winner Lynn Marie Rink.

Jamie has worked as a solo artist; background singer (for Garth Brooks, Ray Stevens, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Donna Summer, many others); and session singer (for WORD, Brentwood Music, as well as many studios).

His product and film credits include projects for Warner Bros., CMT, and New England Sensation. His live theatre and opera performances include leading roles in The Tender Land, Carousel, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma!, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and South Pacific.

Jamie is the Musical Director of Musico a Musico, an international music education organization geared toward artists who use their gifts in the church. Other producing and advising credits include working with Michael Garvin (wrote/produced ‘Waiting for Tonight’ for J-Lo) and Joe Hogue (Grammy and Dove award winner).

Involved in nearly all aspects of entertainment, Jamie is an ASCAP songwriter, arranger/orchestrator, has appeared in music videos, commercials, print ads fitness publications and works with local church music ministries. His orchestrations have been featured in over 500 broadcasts. He received his Bachelor of Music (Performance) in voice and piano from Belmont University in Nashville.

Jamie, who lives in Nashville, serves as a full-time Instructor of Commercial Voice Performance at Belmont University and also teaches private lessons at VocalEdge Studio in Music City.

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