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In looking through a series of entertainer biographies, as well as the top self-help books for achieving success, there are a number of common threads or traits that emerge that are well worth sharing.


One of the most important traits is a commitment to quality training and Trainingproper development of your skills. And, let’s face it, Brett Manning offers the most comprehensive, effective training and coaching available. The results come quickly, last a lifetime, and keep you fresh, resilient, healthy, and true to your unique voice.

All that’s required is consistent commitment to the training and sessions with coaches. His approach works for all ages and levels of experience. But–you must put in the time. If you do that, you’ll see positive results that keep you focused and eager to learn more, which leads to the next trait.

Faith In Hard Work

You must believe that you can do anything you want, provided you work hard Faith at it. This is why setting specific attainable goals is so important because they serve as markers to gauge your progress while providing reasons to reward yourself!

Don’t give up at the first sign of struggle or stumbling. Instead, turn those missteps into a dance of determination to do your best.

Streaming Through Desert Seasons

Because you will face hard times and outright failures, you must be prepared to put them in perspective and learn from them. Don’t dismiss a failure or a rough experience. Use it as an opportunity to achieve greater success or reward.

Look for the silver lining in each dark and dreary cloud of doubt and despair. Ask yourself what worked, what went wrong, and what needs to be adjusted or improved. Just like that first stumbling step as a toddler led to your 5K run years later, every failure or slipup brings you closer to a sense of accomplishment and success.

Be Grateful

Thank people for their time, talent, effort, and hand in helping you down the road. Look for sincere opportunities to compliment and honor those you work with or meet along the way. You never know when your paths may cross again.

Pursue With Passion

Ask yourself what it is you love about singing. What are your favorite songs? What type of music do you enjoy the most? What do you want your audience or listeners to take to heart from your singing? Then, use all of this as criteria for gauging the level of your passionate pursuit and love for singing. When you feel like something is missing or isn’t working, check your list of the things you love and make necessary adjustments to be true to your passion.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust your gut instincts in helping you to have confidence in the choices Trustyou make while taking responsibility for their consequences. Trust your feelings about situations, opportunities, material, venues, image issues, and people – then ask questions to affirm or challenge your initial instincts.

Honor Your Roots

Remember where you came from and give back to your community, even if it’s to help just one young singer take those first few steps in pursuing their dream. Be true to your unique voice and stay committed to ways to enhance and refine it. Don’t apologize for who you are or where you came from – celebrate the role that it’s played in helping you to be who and where you are today.

Shake Things Up

Periodically look for ways to try something new that will still honor your unique gifts. Stay open to new experiences and opportunities. Learn a new instrument. Study acting or songwriting. Periodically expose yourself to the work of a new artist or a genre of music that you’re not familiar with. It keeps things fresh and exciting.

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Check out the clips and streaming video at SingingSuccess.tv to stay on the top of your game. Book a Sykpe session with at least one of Brett Manning’s certified coaches, or set aside a week or two in Music City to book a studio session. Their insight into technique, artistry, and the music business is well worth the investment. Use the products and forums available here to fine tune and polish your gifts and to broaden your perspective on opportunities to fully engage your singing success.

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