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Are you searching to enhance your career as a singer, musician or singer-songwriter? Would you like to drive traffic to your business, or expand the reach of your music, mission or ministry? Then, you need to check out CCM Indie. It is the perfect tool for enriching your viewership at SingingSuccess.TV.

Recently launched as a subsidiary of CCM Magazine and Salem Publishing, CCM Indie is designed to be a one stop resource for independent artists and the creative community that supports them. CCM Indie offers information and contacts on everything from performance skills to business smarts and marketing tips to encouraging words through tough times.

Lindsey Is Listening

“The goal is to create a living community, an open door that is always evolving,” said Lindsey Kirkendall, director of CCM Indie. “We’re here to listen. I want people to have access to me directly.”

It’s been six years since Lindsey Kirkendall left the streets of scramble and struggle for stardom in Hollywood to pursue creative pathways of her artistic passions in Nashville.

“I needed a change, and six months after I moved here, I met my husband,” she said. “I also got an agent and have found a lot more work in acting here than I ever did in Hollywood. Out there, I’d show up for an audition with maybe 20 or 30 others who looked exactly like me.”

The southern California native grew up in Orange County and went to Long Beach State University before moving to Hollywood to pursue acting. The move to Music City and meeting her husband, Dustin, who’s a gifted musician, became a part of a natural shift to include singing as part of her passionate pursuits.

Building Bridges To Success

But it’s her background in marketing, combined with her natural artistic nature and life experience as an actress and singer, that made her the perfect person to spearhead CCM Indie.

“I’m a networker by nature,” she said. “I have a heart for connecting people. There are a lot more artists going independent. Even managers, artist development and PR people are going independent as well. There’s also a growing audience for indie artists that needs to be better served. With CCM Indie we’re learning about the needs that indie artists have and figuring out how to utilize the connections and resources so that they’re mutually beneficial.”

Lindsey’s goal is to create a place where indie artists can come to take advantage of resources, voice their needs and share their struggles, so that they can find the right people to connect with that will help them grow as artists, business people, and stay grounded emotionally and spiritually.

“We’re here to stand in the gap, to be a bridge for artists,” she said. “There’s an ongoing commitment to develop mechanisms and protocol for using resources, and to create better, more clearly defined resources. I want CCM Indie to be that place you come to as your point of connection whenever you hit a roadblock of some kind in your career.”

A Wealth of Resources

CCM Indie launched its first newsletter at the beginning of November. There are plans to offer CD & song reviews from a panel of industry professionals. Editorial assistance will be available for things such as bios, press kits and similar needs. Webinars and other educational resources with real-live industry professionals are in the works, as well as songwriting contests.

There are plans underway to create an industry sourcebook as well as a church/venue database and directory for those indie artists whose music is their ministry.

There will be advertising opportunities, as well as marketing consultation, along with chances to win advertising space in CCM Magazine.

“A lot of indie artists simply don’t have the funds for advertising,” Lindsey said. “We can help with developing a game plan for marketing exposure and the best plan for your advertising dollars. Plus we provide a way to network and brainstorm on strategies for getting the word out about your music. I want people to pool their resources and share them with others. I know a lot of people in management, other artists, and in all aspects of the music business. CCM Indie is the place to pull all of these resources together to help indie artists find their way.”

Brett Manning Is On Board

Lindsey is excited about recommending Brett Manning as the number one resource for singers.

“So many people in the entertainment industry try to put you in a box before they even see what you have inside you,” she said. “Brett looks at what’s unique that you have to offer, and he helps you build on that, and make the most of it. Another affiliate is Tom Jackson whose boot camps jumpstart that journey to bringing out the best in an artist’s live performance.”

CCM Indie is designed so that if you have a strong business sense but are struggling with lyric writing, resources will be available. Maybe you have questions about image, or perhaps branding is a concern, CCM Indie will help you find the answers. Looking for an engineer or putting together a home recording studio? Stop by CCM Indie to get some sound advice from the experts.

“We’re looking into opportunities so that indie artists can be seen and heard,” she said. “Things like live music showcases and radio. Plus we’ll work toward a weekly Twitter, and we’ll manage a weekly blog that focuses on whatever it is you need. We want to know your needs! It’s important to be transparent; to communicate your needs so that you get what it is that you really are looking for. You want to find these things that will make you stronger, tougher and wiser as an artist. The more you share, the more you discover, grow, and create.”

Enhance Focus

CCM Indie’s monthly newsletter will always feature three areas of focus for enhancement: music, business, faith. Vocalizing, songwriting and live performance skills are a few of the areas for focus to enhance music. Social media, PR and artist development are three examples of flash points to enhance business. And to enhance faith, indie artist David Cline will offer a devotional to help keep your indie heart and spirit refreshed and affirmed.

In addition to a background in acting and marketing, Lindsey, along with her husband, Dustin, is an indie artist. In fact, the two are working on a duo project.

“Dustin is progressive rock all the way, while my training is in vocal jazz and my musical passion is 80’s rock,” she said. “We’re creating a unique blending as we’re working together on an EP.”

Contact – Ignition – Liftoff

Lindsey clearly understands your struggles and that need to build bridges, to make connections, and to fill in the gaps that will come on the road to your singing success. She’s pooling her resources with others in the industry to make CCM Indie that perfect one stop resource that will allow you to bring to the attention of industry experts, and your potential fan base, that unique artist that Brett Manning is helping you to become.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she said. “Tell me what you need.”

For more information on CCM Indie, and to sign up for the newsletter, visit You can also contact Lindsey at

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