Online Reinforcement For Growing Your Success

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage: there’s safety in numbers. Essentially that came about as advice for protecting yourself when having a night out on the town or visiting some place you’d never been before like neighborhoods outside of your own backyard.

Well, the adage also applies when launching your career, honing your craft, and in searching for gigs. There’s safety and security and a sharing of strategies – in numbers.

Finding gigs online is another tool that properly used and investigated can yield a bounty of fresh fruit. One of the best ways to proceed is again by creating a circle of connections to share experience, information, tips, and warnings.

Screen To Come Clean

You want to make sure the potential gig is legitimate and that you will be paid. There may be some cases where you might choose to take a non-paying gig because of the exposure it provides. One of the advantages of working with others is that it can help in weighing the potential pros and cons of the gigs you stumble upon.

Craigslist ( is fast becoming a great resource for gigs, finding potential band members, wardrobe, props – you name it it’s out there. Always check, recheck, and check again on the viability and authenticity of the contacts you make through that site. It’s a wonderful resource. You just need to do a little extra screening to protect yourself.

Panning For Gold

Another interesting website, (Festival Network Online), shows a lot of promise and offers tons of valuable information. It’s primary goal is to provide access to detailed information that is both technologically efficient and environmentally friendly. Its collective data caters to artists, crafters, musicians, agents, vendors, or service providers affiliated with festivals through North America.

Festival Network Online publishes information on thousands of festivals, arts & crafts shows, music festivals and other similar events. The site also provides information on products, services and resources related to the business of arts, crafts, festivals and the music business.

Its staff collectively offers nearly a half-decade of experience in the music business, festivals, and data technology. It is a fantastic resource for strategic planning and good old-fashioned brainstorming.

A basic membership is free and never expires. The basic package includes limited show details advanced search, show ratings, a deadlines reminder for shows/applications, and E-Newsletters. You can also create your own site with blogging; a detailed profile, one photo, a calendar, and friends. It’s a social network that is arts and business focused.

Another Valuable Networking Tool

With more than 20,000 North American events listed, Festival Network Online provides singers, artists, musicians, craftspeople, booking agents, vendors, service providers, festival goers and others with what has to be the most comprehensive database of events available online for you to search.

It is one more tool to help you secure your singing success, cultivate your circles of connections, and grow your career.

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