Open Doors That Lead To Singing Success

Fear has such power that it often seems completely overwhelming and insurmountable as you lose your focus. For one thing, it’s natural to try to look for ways to avoid dealing with something that wrecks your senses, rattles your ability to cope, and threatens to obliterate all traces of joy and hope.

Like when you’re a kid and pull the covers up over your head to protect yourself from approaching monsters and other assorted creatures under your bed, the same applies when fear triggers detours because of bumps in the road or prompts a sense of being frozen or stuck because you’ve hit a wall.

Hitting A Wall

That wall could be making a decision to take that first lesson with a Brett Manning certified associate. Maybe you’ve worked the Singing Success program off and on for a few months but stopped because you feel like you need a live coaching session in the studio. But the real issue is that you’re afraid you’re not very good. So, you still work the program a little, but you’re not as committed. You think: well, if I take it slower, the fear will go away. But now you’ve noticed how your desire to move forward is hesitant at best.

So, you bought a Top Seven program to see how that would go; but after a few days, you defaulted to fear and felt stuck again; and you’re not exactly sure what’s going on. But you know it’s related to a fear of not being as good as you’d hoped. However, you’re avoiding feedback in the process. So, you really don’t know how you’re doing. You even talk back to Brett’s encouraging words in the programs.

Let’s face it, when there is a serious fear issue that’s perceived as menacing or foreboding, it will not go away if you try to sidestep it, or put off confronting it. It will eventually come back, and it will often prove even more threatening and can even become debilitating in some way when it returns.

Avoid More Bad Habits

In the meantime, because you know you’re not dealing with your fear issue you begin to indulge other negative habits that include making poor choices in terms of proper care of your voice. You’ve even started to sabotage yourself by going back to see an old voice teacher that never really challenged you but was safe enough to let you stagnate.

Fear Distorts

When fear is not confronted, it takes over and distorts perception, self-esteem, confidence, competence, and creates a false sense of comfort with not being challenged. Then, because you’re making absolutely no progress, you begin to fall back into some old bad habits.

Think of any wall you have hit with learning in the classroom, in a sport, behind the wheel of a car, stepping into the shallow end of the pool as a toddler – with each wall there is a fear to overcome by finding a window in the wall so you can see what’s blocked or stopped you. Then, you need to find the door in that wall that will lead you to confronting what has you so panicked that you can’t proceed.

Love + Passion Defeats Fear

Several times we’ve talked about using preparation and knowledge to confront and counter fear. Preparation combined with a love of or passion for what you’re pursuing will break through fearful walls.

To help you confront fear, you need to identify what it is that you’re afraid of, as best you can. With singing, it helps to record your sessions so that you hear and see the results. It also helps to share your progress with others.

Fear Interrupts Communication

Singing requires an audience in order to communicate messages, convey emotions, tell stories, make words swing and sway – it is all about clear, vibrant two-way communication. If fear creeps in, and you have no backup or an extra set of eyes and ears for proper tuning, fear will rage out of control and render you paralyzed.

The first steps to fighting fear that blocks the pursuit of your progress with singing success is to record your lessons and share the results with a trusted, knowledgeable resource. You want specific positive feedback on making progress and feeling good about yourself so that you can get unstuck and back on track, moving forward.

Point Out Positives

Assess your strengths – positive qualities you know to be true with your voice and related skills. Gain reinforcement of these positive qualities from others, and include any additional qualities presented by those you approach. Also, identify all fears that you have about your voice, its development and training, as well as fear’s impact on your dreams and career. Listen to Brett’s programs carefully to help restore your confidence.

Consult A Certified Associate

Next, ask yourself what you need to help confront the biggest fear. Once the main fear and other related fears have all been clearly identified, make an appointment with a Brett Manning certified master associate for a session either via Skype, over the phone, or in the studio, where you will take a step, or a few steps, toward confronting the main fear.

During this session you will lay out a plan for working past the fear while getting back on track with your vocal training.

Fulfill Vocal Promise

The confidence, comfort, and competence that comes with Brett’s training will help you conquer your fear as you become a stronger singer, more proficient technically, more versatile interpretively. As you get stronger, your love and passion for using your voice returns. This love, combined with greater skills and technique, will turn your wall of fear into doors and windows of opportunity for growth and gratification as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, actor, actress, voiceover performer, spokesperson, broadcast journalist, politician, public official, or lawyer – however you choose to fulfill your vocal promise.

Share Victories

Use the SingingSuccess.TV forums to talk about common fears and what works best at overcoming them. Invest in Brett’s products, and book regular sessions via Skype, over the phone, or in the studio with a certified master associate.

As former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” His wise words still hold true.

Irrational fear debilitates and distorts. It leads the senses to believe a lie. It turns or twists the truth just enough to convince you that something is wrong. It gets you to question not only your ability but your desire, will, passion, and love.

Turn To Brett

Brett Manning’s teaching and products provide a powerful long-lasting resource for fighting fear. Whenever fear raises its hand to stop you, turn to Brett’s teaching, and additional resources here at SingingSuccess.TV, to open those doors and windows. You’ll be on your way home, powered by the fearless pursuit of the full potential of your truly unique voice and singing success.