Opportunity Knocks For Singers

Spring is the season for blossoming and blooming and for planting the fall harvest. But it’s also the perfect time to think about setting some seriously creative ideas into motion for harvesting a bountiful profit with your singing and songwriting.

Spring and summer are a time for weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats; business meetings, as well as community gatherings. Music can play a vital part in making these events memorable, unique, special, fun, and moving.

Set some time aside to put together a list of local businesses, community centers, schools, places of worship, associations, organizations, along with businesses and services that currently cater to special occasions, meetings, retreats, and events in your area.

A Business Plan

Then, put together a personal business plan for presenting yourself as a special events singer or singer-songwriter. Seriously evaluate what resources would be needed to fully operate on your own as you serve at a variety of venues, situations, and gatherings.

Consider technical challenges, travel issues, insurance concerns, safety concerns – don’t hold back. Anything that you feel plays a factor in determining your potential success must be noted so that you can weigh the risks against the potential return on your investment.

Sailing Local Business Partnerships

Also consider the local businesses that provide space for special events or that supply needs for special events as potential partners to approach with your services. For example, flower shops, gift shops, and party suppliers, could seriously benefit from the added value of music.

Flower shops appeal to the emotional needs of people dealing with grief through funerals and sickness. They also handle flustered appeals from people facing a special wedding anniversary, going away parties, birthday parties, class reunions, summer church school groups, senior citizen dances, graduation parties, veterans group get-together’s, mothers day events, special business meetings, local government gatherings – the list is endless, but for many, the imagination is challenged.

Give Them An Edge

Your services as a singer or singer-songwriter can give an existing business an edge and make them more competitive in the market. This kind of partnership can also serve to provide you with valuable live performance experience, help with networking, and building a fan base. It can also provide new ideas for songs, while paying the bills.

Enhance Your Stance

It does not in any way cheapen the artist in you. In fact, it can give you a wide variety of experience to draw from as you build your career. As a singer, you will discover a number of songs to incorporate in your sets at regular gigs or at venues where someone is celebrating an anniversary or even grieving a loss. Many of these feelings and situations are both universal and intensely personal.

New Material

As a songwriter, you’ll likely create new material inspired by real-life, emotionally-charged situations. You might write a special song for a funeral based on what the loved ones have told you about the person they’ve lost. You might create an original piece about memories for a group of senior citizens. The opportunities to engage your craft and art are only limited by you.

Online Drive

You must create a website and/or take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook as you build your customer base. Use online networking to your advantage. Make sure your online contact info is on every piece of communication you share with those you serve and hope to please.

This will also help you build your business sense and hone your communication skills. You’ll learn how to be fully prepared for each event as you’re likely challenged a time or two by the unexpected. Be open to the requests and needs of guests and attendees at any function you serve.

Emotion-Stricken + Passion-Driven

Music is an appeal to what we feel. If we’re happy, we sing to celebrate. If we’re sad, we sing to grieve. If we’re hopeful, we sing to dream. If we’re lonely, we sing to remember what feels like home.

Always lead with humility, reverence, and gratitude as you serve a world of people that are emotion-stricken or passion-driven. Your goal is to help them find their tears, hopes, fears, joys, and dreams in fullness with integrity.