paNASH Style Helps Artists and Music Professionals Gain Edge

One of my greatest teachers once told me, “People hear with their eyes.” As I have journeyed down this musical road I have found that statement to be entirely true. Thus, it can be argued that a singer’s appearance carries just as much weight as does their sound. Image Consultant and Media Coach, Lori Bumgarner, from paNASH Style, has founded her business on this concept and aims to help artists, aspiring singers and music professionals reach their highest level of success by developing their appearance and overall style.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lori recently, and she shared with me the method she uses to uncover someone’s style. If she is working with an artist, she will first get to know them personally, and then she asks to hear their music, so that she can organically get a sense of their style. In a music business setting, she works to understand the vision of the business, meets with the employees, and consults each professional according to their role in accordance with industry standards. In her consulting, she covers such topics such as wardrobe enhancement, customer or fan base relatability, social media presence, and marketing strategies.

Brett Manning Studios is so excited to have formed this working relationship with Lori and we look forward to sending many of our singers, artist, and clients to her so that we may work to see our people succeed in all arenas of the music industry.

For a limited time, Lori is offering clients of Brett Manning Studios a special discount on her services! Contact us for more info at or 615-866-1099.