Play with Your Voice

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your voice, step outside of what is routine for a while.

Put your phone or some kind of recording device in another room and sing in the one you’re in. Then when you go back to listen, you’ll hear a myriad of things you wouldn’t notice with the recorder right next to you. This is also something I tell students when they are having a hard time singing out. Sometimes it is strictly in your head, and putting an ear (recorder) farther away tricks you into suddenly singing louder and even more clearly.

Practice different sounds in your car (or somewhere other folks don’t think you’re nuts 🙂 ) Try oohs, ahs, goo’s, coo’s and yeah’s. Pay attention to what your cords are doing, the way it feels and the effects the different sounds have on the tone of your voice. Then begin singing a favorite song and apply those sounds to the song. Sing the whole song on a yeah or a goo. Again pay attention to the different tones and effects. When you put the words back in, you will likely notice a difference – and hopefully it’ll be a positive one!

One of the most important things when learning about your voice or working on building your voice is awareness. Try to be aware of your short-comings, where you can improve, as well as your strong points. This will help you stay on the road to improvement!