Plug Your Connections for Singing Success

Something that everyone hopes to achieve in the pursuit of their singing success is a sense of connection. In fact, without it, you will stagnate. Then, if you isolate yourself, your impact will likely dissipate or evaporate altogether.

The forums here at are a great resource for building your circles of connection. These become like small neighborhoods for reaching out to others so that you can tap additional tools and resources for building relationships, advancing your career, and making stronger, lasting connections.

Don’t Get Disconnected

However, as you pursue your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer, you’re also likely holding down a host of odd jobs to pay the bills. You have a home life and social obligations of varying degrees and intensity. In other words, life gets busy and messy and distracting. The effort to stay up to speed can cause you to lose focus, run out of steam, start to check out, short circuit, and in some cases, even disconnect.

The Power of Focus

There is a solution to consider that many business owners and entrepreneurs have engaged in over the years. It’s not really a new concept, but it has been recently revisited in a book called: The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt.

What is suggested is the creation of a focus group or mastermind group of a handful of likeminded people. The group meets at least once a month to share ideas, table strategies for success, as well as review goals and challenges, and to take a look at any personal issues that are impacting business growth and integrity.

Business Sense for Art’s Sake

The creation of such a group is highly recommended for singers, singer-songwriters, singing musicians, musical performers, singing actors and actresses – in fact those of an artistic bend in general need to invest in creating this brainstorming group.

There is a tendency for creative types to turn a blind eye to the business side of their art and craft. But the bottom line is that, as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer, you are a business owner. In fact, initially and to some degree forever, you are the sole proprietor of your talent. You are responsible for your bottom line.

It’s Your Business To Know

Granted, you may not be comfortable with many aspects of the music business and industry trends that will impact you as an artist, but you need to be aware what is required in these areas to help advance your career. The more you learn and know, the better able you become to effectively network to build support and gain a more clearly defined, positive direction for your career.

A Handful of Mindful

Most resources recommend containing the group to less than 10 members, so that a clearly defined nucleus and focus grows from the group’s dynamic. That is why the concept of a handful of mindful should serve as your guide as you recruit members for your group.

Common Challenges + Goals

Be discrete and thorough in considering who to approach in building your group. You might even choose to pursue a more clearly specialized focus that will help shore up support for each other, while also targeting needs that are specific to your common goals, challenges, and concerns.

For example, if you’re a vocalist you might want your mindful handful to be singers only. If you’re a singer-songwriter, you might exclude your group to other vocalists that also compose music or write lyrics. If you’re a singing musician that plays lead guitar with a band, you might create a group of other musicians that also sing and play in a band. A group of musical theatre and cabaret performers may be formed for its respective mindful handful.

Mix To Exchange Info

Another option would be to mix it up with a variety of artists, technicians, production staff, and development people that are plugged into the music industry in some capacity. The challenge with this is a potential loss of focus or commitment because the members have differing interests and goals. Certainly the exchange of information would be valuable, but if there’s a lack of long-term commitment to the overriding focus of the group, it will likely disband.

Energy + Focus + Commitment

Remember that you are in charge of determining who you’ll ask to become a part of your mindful handful. Commitment and clarity of focus and vision are vital to the growth, development, and nourishment of your singing success. If you have any reservations about an individual, that person should not be chosen for your group. Trust your gut instincts. For each individual, ask yourself: is this someone that energizes me, and we tend to feed off of each other? Energy, focus, and commitment are absolutes for your group members.

Group Sessions

Your mindful handful brainstorming sessions should be held for at least two hours once a month, with additional gatherings for special events, projects, field trips, networking ventures, group fitness activities, or skill-building workshops.

In fact, a Skype session with a Brett Manning certified associate, or with those you’ve met via the forums, is a great way to validate your efforts, gain information, exchange ideas, and move closer to achieving key personal goals for your singing career.

Meet in Music City

As you build your mindful handful group, share your goals and explore ways to provide resources and support for each other, whether it’s engaging the latest Brett Manning vocal training program or planning a trip to Nashville to visit Brett Manning Studios and book a few sessions with the stable of coaches.

Account for Success

Your meetings must always reinforce accountability for efforts you are making to advance your singing career, whether its training, more gigs, a marketing strategy for a project you’ve just completed, image issues, or social networking. The bottom line is to focus on effective ways to advance your career so that your voice is heard. That is the ultimate goal for your true singing success.


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