Positive Chords & High Notes for Singing Success

Once again, it’s that time of the year when many people turn to goal-setting or making lists of resolutions after reflecting on the past twelve months.

Before setting your resolutions and defining your goals, take time to note your accomplishments, achievements, and any progress you’ve made over the last year in taking on challenges personally and professionally.

Plus Points

You must first get in an upbeat frame of mind so that you avoid nitpicking and can think clearly. Then, start off by coming up with a list of ten positive points for reflection.

This points might include things such as any changes you’ve made in your fitness level. Maybe it’s an increase in your commitment and consistency when it comes to warming up and actively engaging in a regular practice schedule.

Advance Enhancements

Be sure to note any enhancement of changes you made in the year before that you are continuing to build on. You want these achievements, accomplishments, and actions to be affirming. This will serve as evidence that you are on the right track and will encourage further development.

Your Significance

Think of what you consider to be some of the highlights or more memorable moments from the past months that made the year special. Then, ask what role you played in making that moment memorable or significant in some way.

Better With Brett

Assess your work and time spent with Brett Manning’s products and any sessions you’ve had with his certified master associates. Where do you see your greatest measure of progress? What do you feel are some of your greatest achievements as a result of using his products and programs, and in applying coordinations and practices presented in his teaching?

Efforts + Results

Before you set any goals for the next year, it’s important to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge efforts and results generated over the past year that have helped you become more confident, competent, and comfortable, while giving you a sense of having greater focus and control.

Nix the Negatives

There is a tendency when setting goals to look for negatives and weaknesses. It’s often gauged to tear apart or put down. So, set your primary focus for the upcoming year on reinforcement of positives as you strengthen and build on what is working best.

Natural Correction

You will find that this positive approach will help you naturally make corrections and adjustments, without putting so much emphasis on what’s wrong. Those issues that need attention are kept in check and don’t become a much bigger issue that they need to be.

Again, when your focus and energy are directed toward pointing out the positives, you will naturally be driven toward refining, tweaking, and polishing, while also leaving room for new ideas to explore or incorporate.

Play To Your Passion

Negatives will likely come up as you assess your achievements and accomplishments. But, for this exercise, keep it clearly centered on the highlights and positive points that play into your passion and pursuit of a vocal career.

Share Brett’s Impact

Use the forums at singingsuccess.tv to share the positives you discover in looking back on the last year. Point out any major changes that have come about as a direct result of specific lessons, exercises, and coordinations engaged in Brett’s teaching, whether through products and programs, sessions booked with his certified master associates, or through tips provided through the clips, blogs, and newsletters.

Boosting Others – One By One

Each time you visit singingsuccess.tv find at least one person to compliment and encourage. The more positives you share, the greater your sense of worth and value.
And always acknowledge any progress, accomplishments, and achievements that have come about as the result of others you’ve encountered through this site.

Resourceful Forces

One of your goals or resolutions for the upcoming year should be to actively engage the resources available through Brett’s products and programs. Make the commitment to book a session or sessions with one or several of his gifted coaches.

Brett’s Fundamental Foundation

Brett stresses and honors what is uniquely you as a vocal presence and force. Let the year to come be dedicated to building on the solid foundation and fundamental pillars of Brett’s teaching and methodology.

Keep building on those positives as you pursue the full potential of your true singing success.

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