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Sometimes hard work is just that: Hard. Nothing valuable seems to come easy. But so much is learned in that process –so much wisdom and personal growth in every area. Your voice is often like that. You reap what you sew. If you sew diligence of practice into your voice, you will absolutely reap excellence in your artistry.

See, practice makes permanent! “Practice makes perfect” is a horrible saying. No one is or ever will be perfect. It’s an unrealistic and ultimately frustrating goal. If you know me, even a tiny bit, then you know that I looooooove technique, and it’s my wheelhouse of coaching. But the goal isn’t perfection; it’s to overcome your obstacles and permanently change your habits. If you set yourself the challenge of kicking those bad habits, then guess what? Do the right thing a hundred times and you’ll start to kick them. The right thing becomes your new normal.

Sometimes lasting change is a slow roll. I have a student I’ve worked with very consistently for a year and a half. She has had major breakthroughs often, but the tangible shift in her overall performance endurance came only recently. This wasn’t because I didn’t teacher well enough or because she didn’t work hard enough. It was honestly the opposite of those things. I taught her well and, more importantly, she worked REALLY HARD. We need to understand that becoming a transformed vocalist with lasting change is a big undertaking. If you aren’t in it for the long haul, then forget about it!

So stop whining (if you are) and talk to me when you’ve sewn at LEAST a full year into a daily habit of practice. Put your nose to the plow and get to work.

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