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  • Immediate Ease in Tone Production
  • Discover New Vocal Coordinations
  • Learn to create Radio-Friendly Tones
  • Experience A New Level Of Vocal Power
  • Train With The Warmup That Prevents Vocal Damage
  • and much more...
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"Since I started using the Singing Success program and working with Brett, I really learned so much more about my voice and what it can do. It's opened up all kinds of avenues for us in terms of writing and live performances. It's taken away a lot of the anxiety I've had. It's just made me feel more confident!"

-Lauren Mayberry (Chrvches)

These 10 Exercises Will Immediately Unlock Your Voice!

Introduction: The following 10 exercises have been thoughtfully selected to unlock your voice and propel you vocally in an accelerated manner towards your goal of being a memorable, amazing and unforgettable singer. These exercises are only the beginning, but a great beginning! Once you’ve completed these exercises, you’re going to want to get our full Singing Success 360 program and develop the subtle tricks of artistry that are used by Grammy winners, Broadway stars, award winning Classical singers and stars on international singing competition reality shows.

Also, many exercises in other programs are thrown together as a hodgepodge of the coaches ‘favorite’ tricks. While sometimes useful, I’ve seen other methods—to the detriment of the learning singer-- not employing what we call 3 principles of training.

1- W.C.W.Warmup- Slow, easy relaxed exercises to get the vocal cords receiving better blood-flow and oxygenation of the musculature in the larynx, as well as the expansion of the lungs and diaphragm.Coordinate- implies finding chest, middle and head voice, low and high notes, erasing breaks and creating ease of tone in techniques. As well well as style portion: licks, trills, runs, slides and stylistic tricks to making your voice memorable and interesting.Work out- Build endurance, agility and power through fun, yet challenging vocal drills, scales and exercises.

2- W.C.A.Warm up- Using the minimum amount of exercises to allow your voice to go to the next step.Coordinate- Getting into the exact ranges and coordinations where you’ll be singing your songs, while being wise not to wear out the voice before practicing your song list.Application- Applying the technique, style and artistry to your songs. Finding the easiest way to sing the songs that used to be challenging. And, climbing to new heights as a vocal artist, finding real Singing Success!

3- W.C.P.Warm up- Gently warming up with the realization of just the right amount of vocalization, to not strain in the performance.Coordinate- Find the minimum of sustained vibrato and crescendo diminuendo (soft and loud) in chest, mix and head voice. Get fluidity in trills and agility in only the range you’ll be singing with. This is done patiently.Perform- Get on stage. Apply the methods. Trust all your hard work. Blow their minds! Sleep with the satisfaction that you’ve changed the world for the better with your talents!

Technique - (Exercises pulled from the full SS360 Course)

  1. Tech 1 Ex. 1 humming on 5 tone scale
  2. Tech 1 Ex. 3 lip rolls on an octave
  3. Tech 1 Ex. 5 goo goo goo long scale
  4. Tech 5 Ex. 1 9 notes scale from fry into pharyngeal on ‘ng’
  5. Tech 1 Ex. 6 Nay nay nay on octave arpeggio repeat 4x on top
  6. Tech 4 Ex. 4 Wee wee wee on long scale
  7. Tech 2 Ex. 7 Mum mum mum low larynx on octave arpeggio 4x on top

Style (Bonus)

  1. Bonus-intro to style
  2. Style 1 Ex. 8 Basic descending triplet speeding up for agility
  3. Style 2 Ex. 2 Major pentatonic scale pattern for basic blues runs
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"I am the singer I am now because I was dedicated. If you're a singer, a great way to dedicate yourself, to get results guaranteed, is Brett Manning's Singing Success."

-Clark Beckham (American Idol)

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