Resources to Refuel + Refresh for Success

Whether your goal is to become a renowned motivational speaker, a celebrated voiceover talent, or an exceptional singer-songwriter with a huge following, it’s important to find ways to encourage and maintain a fresh perspective.

In other words you want to have a variety of resources readily available that will naturally nurture creativity, trigger new ideas, and challenge your thinking. You want opportunities to bend and stretch your perspective as well as wobble or steady your spin on things.

Heal Your Heart

You need to expose yourself to people facing situations, stories, and circumstances that may break your heart where it needs to change, stimulate your heart to improve circulation, as well as heal your heart where it’s hurting or deeply wounded.

Curiosity – Compassion

You want to have access to supplies and tools that will feed curiosity and foster compassion. You want to open doors and windows in your thinking that let in more light and provide a wider variety of breathtaking scenic views and daring dreamscapes.

Supplement Convenience

So much of what we experience in the information gathering process tends to be filtered, prepackaged, and delivered for our convenience. In many ways this is beneficial because it saves time, requires little effort, and is instantly gratifying.

Yet much is shortchanged in the process that is vital to things such as nuance, color, texture, tone – all things that are keys to helping you to distinguish your voice as a unique force, a distinctive source of encouragement, and an uncommon channel for inspiration.

Achieve Balance

You want to balance the postured-posing and slickly-skimmed surface skating that many social networking sites thrive on. You want to be able to dive deeper into understanding where others are coming from, aside from what’s typically afforded or revealed through instant messaging or texting.

Listen to Learn

That is not to say that texting, social networking, and instant messages are not viable communication tools – they are. But in order to be a successful, sought-after singer, speaker, broadcast journalist, actor, stand up comic, or inspirational voiceover talent, you have to invest in letting down your guard, being vulnerable with others, asking questions about experiences and feelings you know little about, and then – you have to listen.

Patience Takes Time

This commitment to gaining and maintaining a fresh perspective is a process that requires patience, and that takes time. But what is absorbed and taken to heart in this search for fresh ideas and new perspectives will give you more colors and textures for painting pictures with the moving lyrics you sing, the encouraging information you share, the inspired messages you deliver, or the funny stories you tell.

Fuel Your Drive For Success

You’ll also become more comfortable in appealing to the broad spectrum of people in your fan base or following, as well as in interacting with your peers, support team, or your favorite Brett Manning master associates. What you learn and discover will likely fuel your desire to find more ways to inform, engage, and move people with your voice.


To start your journey on gaining a deeper understanding of others, do a little brainstorming with members of your support team, mentors, or mastermind group. Or, you can simply take some quiet time by yourself to list people that trigger your curiosity or capture your imagination.

Potential Leads

Make a list of people that you know little about, or are possibly intimidated by. You can list people that scare you, annoy you, frustrate you. You can include public figures that have intrigued you that you’ve been meaning to study or learn more about.

For public figures, you can read biographies, listen to audio files of interviews, and view video clips – look for resources where you get a detailed physical look at and feel for the person. You can also write letters or send emails to ask questions and get more information.

Other Voices

Becoming a pen pal is a great resource for learning about others. There are a number of on line resources for connecting with soldiers that are stationed overseas. You can visit or do a search for letters to soldiers. You can correspond with senior citizens through or visit a local nursing home or a community center for senior citizens in your area.

Another possible resource for making a life-changing shift in perspective might come through volunteer work in a hospice or at a local children’s hospital. You may wish to consider writing to those that are incarcerated by checking out or by checking with local social service organizations to see what opportunities are available for reaching out to shut-ins. You could volunteer for Meals-On-Wheels or become a mentor through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Forum Frequency

Use the SingingSuccess.TV forums to share the resources you discover on your journey. Talk about how broadening your awareness of trials and triumphs faced by others outside of your circles of connection has impacted your choice of songs to sing and stories to share.

Affirm Others

As you reach out to get to know others, share Brett Manning’s products, along with the SingingSuccess.TV site, with those you meet along the way. Take advantage of the opportunity to affirm the unique voice of everyone you encounter as you set out to freshen up your perspective and to provide clearer reception in your voice-driven career.

The more you learn about the trials and triumphs of others, the greater your ability to hit home in the hearts of those who are served by the unique gift of your voice.

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