Review, Reward, Renew with Singing Success

Most of us have a natural tendency to think that once we’ve worked through a program such as Mastering Mix, Singing Success, Mastering Harmony, or one from the Top Seven series, that we’ve mastered those skills simply by plowing through, and now it’s time for us to

move on.

That’s not to say that completing a program is not an achievement to be recognized, but Brett’s programs are designed to strengthen, nurture, refine, and replenish vocal acuity and vitality, regardless of your level of experience and expertise – and that process is ongoing.

Fresh Filters – New Expectations

Each time you tackle an exercise or focus on a specific lesson, you arrive with a fresh set of expectations, frustrations, needs, fears, dreams, and goals. You will process things based on filters such as how you feel, what you’re facing, what’s on your mind, what stressors or life changes are shaking things up – the combination of variables is surprisingly complex even though the impact on your perspective, performance, and personality may be very subtle.

Notes for Needs

To keep things fresh and focused in your vocal training, you should make notes to chart your progress, identify challenges, cite key achievements, and to flag areas of concern or cause for additional concentration.

Whatever issues create stumbling blocks or additional challenges must receive the time and attention that is needed to gain control, get comfortable, and build confidence. These present ideal opportunities for you to book sessions with any number of Brett’s certified master associates.

Picking Things Apart

There’s something in human natural that kicks in when a flaw or shortcoming is detected. We start to pick at ourselves or we try to cover up the issue by drawing attention away from what we don’t like having to deal with.

But, even if it’s something that’s not being physically addressed through some dedicated time and space such as a booking a coaching session, we’re thinking about it. Then, little things start to get thrown off just a little such as timing or rhythm. Maybe we start to get a little more self-conscious about things like identifying harmonies or doing lip trills. We might then cut back on rehearsal time or skip a warm up. Then, we might steer away from opportunities to perform, audition, compete, or simply train.

Because of this tendency to let challenges and negatives beat us up, it’s all the more reason to revisit Brett’s programs, to invest in new programs, and to book sessions with his associates.

Need For Live Feedback

The immediate live feedback will serve to reinforce positives while identifying challenges that are then properly and positively addressed. This live feedback shuts down the nitpicker in you so that breakthroughs occur, progress is made, and confidence is rekindled so that you’re back to blazing trails that lead to your singing success and all aspects of your voice-driven career.

Achievements + Challenges

It’s important to not only honor your achievements, it’s vital that you also celebrate any triumphs over critical challenges or adversity. You must also note progress being made in accomplishing goals. These goals include any that have been set when working through Brett’s programs, as well as any goals accomplished in sessions with his certified master associates.

Chart Your Progress

You should designate areas in your work space and home environment where accomplishments are noted through charts that you update on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Display Awards

Any awards, honors, and certificates that you’ve received should be proudly displayed throughout your home, with a spot reserved in each room – bathrooms and closets included – to serve as reminders of your dream, the strides you’ve made, along with any markers that represent achievement in the pursuit of your singing success.

Treasure Chest of Charms

Always carry something with you that will serve as a deeply personal, soulful reminder of your unique place and the call to use your vocal gifts to make a difference in the world. It may be a photograph, a good luck charm, or a note from a loved one. Create a treasure chest of these symbolic reminders that you can pull from and keep close by when you’re on the road, waiting in the wings, facing your fears, or begging for a breakthrough.

Complimenting Coordinations

So, honor your achievements, chart your progress, get help with tackling challenges, and periodically get an expert opinion from one of Brett Manning’s certified master associates. This will help to affirm your achievements, address any angst, tweak your technique, and compliment coordinations.

Feed the Forums

Use the forums at to share ideas on fun ways to chart your progress, honor your achievements, and optimize your training strategies. Talk about how your perspective has been different each time you work through one of Brett’s programs. Note any differences in insight or application that occurs from having worked through a program, lesson, or exercise more than once.

Session Service

Use skype to book sessions with a variety of Brett’s associates. Take a trip around the world from Australia to New York, from Nashville to Italy, to gain different perspectives from his coaching staff. It can also help to boost your networking skills in the process. And always ask questions about what you can do to strengthen and sharpen your business smarts while flexing and stretching your vocal muscles.

Driving Destiny

True success is defined by the journey. That journey is a series of destinations that serve as markers that gauge your progress, challenges, drive, and desire to bring your very best to the stage, studio, theatre, arena, convention center, runway, or concert hall.

You are uniquely gifted, equipped with a one-of-a-kind voice that deserves to be celebrated, encouraged, rewarded, and actively shared with others.

Brett’s Team

When the going gets irritating, annoying, or even seems impossible to push through, you must press on for the prize. Brett’s programs and his coaching staff will help you sharpen your skills and strengthen your resolve to make the most of using your uniquely gifted voice to impact and inspire others.

Commitment Pays

Interaction brings satisfaction – whether it’s with one of Brett’s coaches, a member of your band, or via a pep talk from a favorite mentor. The hard work and your ongoing commitment to training will ultimately pay off.

Remember, it all factors into building that one-on-one, heart-to-heart connection you make with each member of your fan base. That is the real measure and true treasure of your singing success.