ATTENTION Singers… From America’s Most Sought-After Vocal Coach…


The Artist Development Retreat

June 7-13, 2020 in Nashville!

Join Nashville's Tri-fecta for a week long intensive focused on 3 main areas of your development as an artist:

  • Vocals with Brett Manning and Tom McKinney
  • Stage Performance with Tom Jackson
  • Getting Your Music Heard with Rick Barker

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A Note from Brett Manning

Vocal Coach to over 50 Grammy Award Winning Artists, Brett will teach you how to pull out the full potential of your voice!

After hosting 2 amazing vocal retreats in Nashville last year, jam packed with incredible speakers and talent, we decided to kick off the 2020 summer lake-side retreat with a heavy focus on artist development.

Between myself, Tom Jackson and Rick Barker, we will be honing in on the most crucial aspects that you and every artist must have to be the total package!

First, you have to show yourself vocally developed enough to be able to give your music the vocal range, tone quality, dynamics, power and endurance that your audience is craving... then you must develop a style that sets you apart!

To accomplish this, you'll be getting the most advanced, up-to-date vocal techniques in my Masterclass series at this retreat in June 2020.

Singers will experience miraculous vocal breakthroughs... both in group and private one-on-one sessions with the deepest acceleration imaginable, due to the removal of distraction and the attention to one thing…. Building a significantly better voice in one week!

Next, we have world-renowned Tom Jackson who is the top live show and performance coach.

For more than 20 years, I’ve watched Tom work his magic and teach his principles that can turn a dork into Bono on stage in a session or two. Every time I watch him, I’m practically drinking up his knowledge and wisdom from a firehose! He’s the most sought after coach of his kind throughout the world. Every successful singer will tell you if you can’t create an emotional connection with your audience from the stage, you won’t create lifelong fans.

And speaking of lifelong fans, that’s where Nashville’s music industry genius – Rick Barker – comes into play.

You can be the most talented singer in the world, but if you don’t know how to get your music into the world of social media, then you’re going nowhere fast.  As Rick Barker always says, “It doesn’t matter how good your music is if no one hears it.”

So, this year my team decided to stick to these 3 categories of artist development. We’re excited to coach you, help you create a plan and hear every singer at this retreat. You’re going to walk away with an action plan for your career and a written critique from Rick, Tom and myself based on your final performance.

It all begins June 7th, 2020 at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center.

Get away from the distractions of life, focus on your gifts, passions and talents. I promise you will not walk away the same person!

Those who attended the 2019 vocal retreats can tell you, it was career reviving, voice building and  life changing...

Here's what previous Retreat attendees said....


    Enter your email address below to join the waiting list and receive early bird pricing as soon as registration opens...

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