Seven Sites For Your Surfing Pleasure

It’s important to stay informed about what’s happening in the music industry, even if it’s a genre that isn’t exactly your style. Each brand of music and every single type of artist is engaged in the human experience and is a potentially viable force for inspiration, contemplation, and reverberation as you cultivate for creative licks and chops. The following are several sites to check out as you continue to grow your musical tastes and textures.

Modern Rock is a great resource for everything you want or need to know about the modern rock scene. The site provides music news as well as concert information and music reviews. It provides information on websites for the Top 100 modern rock bands including Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, and Radiohead.

There are also music samples as well as artist features. The site even includes a Top 11 list of modern rock songs. There are links to concert tickets, as well as a DVD and CD store.

Hip Hop is a rich resource for features, reviews and playlists. There are articles on everything from the founders of the genre to those heating up the current scene. It’s a great site for potential networking with other artists and learning more about what’s happening in the industry in terms of airplay and bookings.

Artist features are presented giving keen insight to the spirit that drives this vibrant, poetic art form. The site calls itself “The Hip Hop State of Mind” and serves as a prideful pulsating heart of what’s happening in Hip Hop.

Contemporary Christian Music is the online mother church for the collective base of music that holds Jesus Christ as its point of gracious endeavor. The site encompasses all Christ-centered musical genres from hip hop to folk, traditional to alternative, bluegrass to jazz, from country to pop and beyond.

The site is a rich resource for CCM industry news, music events, reviews, and even college happenings where CCM is alive and thriving. CCM regularly features in depth profiles of movers and shakers in the industry.

Folk Since is the home for Folk Alliance® an organization that has served as the headquarters for folk music and dance in North America. It holds more than 2000 members worldwide and conducts a yearly conference that among the five largest music conferences in North America.

Its community of members includes record companies, publishers, presenters, agents, managers, as well as a number of music support services, manufacturers and artists that work in the folk genre. For the serious folkie the site is a must see and must join!

Classical Cats is a gold mine of information and must have collections for the serious classical connoisseur. Resources are available through the Sony Music endorsed site to help you grow your classical music collection. The site offers a wealth of books and other written materials on the history of classical music. The site features information on tours, radio, all opportunities to experience classical music firsthand.

This is the site to check out for anyone doing research on the genre, composers, movements/eras in classical music, or just looking for resources to broaden and deepen their musical appreciation.

Sheet Music

If you’re looking for sheet music check out these two sites. and are wonderful sites for finding sheet music without having to get out and hunt it down in a music store, the library, or some second hand resale outlet. Everything from seasonal music to fake books, from piano or guitar to vocal is readily available.

These are just a few of the many resources that are available to explore if you’re looking for information, inspiration, or education. The more you feed your creative spirit the greater the artistic flow on that river road to singing success.

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