Sing Your Way To Self-Promotion

Whether you’re the lead singer in a band, an aspiring musical theatre performer, a singer-songwriter, a praise and worship leader, or someone seeking a singing career as a soloist, you must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities to self-promote.

One of the most valuable tools you must have at your disposal is a three or four song cd that showcases your voice. This is to strictly promote your services as a singer. You must have this mini-collection readily available for you to distribute at all times.

Vocal Showcase

If you’re in a band, the primary focus of this cd must be your singing voice. So, this cd will be slightly different that the demo cd that is part of your band’s press kit. Your band cd frames you as part of a bigger package. This cd frames you as a singer.

If you’re in a local theatre production, pass out your cd to people you meet after the show. If you’re in a band, pass out your singer’s cd after a gig at a local venue. Look for opportunities to share your voice. You never know who someone may know that has a chance for you to be heard and be paid for singing.

Demos To Parties

The singer cd can be used to get you session work for songwriter demos or even as backup for an established vocalist or another aspiring singer. It can be used to solicit work as entertainment for special parties such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, class reunions, banquets, and family gatherings.

Festivals To Meetings

Community events such as fairs and festivals, historical celebrations and sporting events often seek local talent for entertainment. Other events that include singers are fundraisers, memorials, military functions, homecomings, and salutes to hometown heroes. Even local government may need your services as a singer for special meetings and events.

Conventions To Cruises

Many businesses often look for entertainment at retreats, conventions, training sessions, and other special occasions. And it should be used to showcase your voice for representation with any agencies in your town or region. You might get a gig doing jingles for local businesses, or it could even help get you a seasonal gig singing on a cruise ship, in a theme park, or even with regional theatre.

Players With Benefits

If you’re in a band, you should encourage musicians to put together three to four songs that highlight their playing. This can get them session work and other related gigs that also gets the word out about your band.

Honor the commitment you have to your band, and emphasize the networking benefits of self-promotion that serve to promote and build a following for the band.

Tailored To Taste

Make sure the three or four songs you place on this cd not only showcase your strengths but also represent the kind of songs you enjoy singing. So, as you put it together, think of each song as appealing to a special event or occasion.

You don’t want to wind up getting gigs that you’d rather not take. If you do, you might stumble or be somewhat less than gracious or enthusiastic. The audience will pick up on this, and the negative word will spread quickly. So, gear the material to target events and occasions you would enjoy being a part of.

Better Business Sense

The more opportunities you get to sing the stronger and more versatile you become as a performer, singer, and dynamic force in the music business. The varied experience will grow your sense of business smarts. You will learn to adapt to a variety of business settings and different audiences. This ability to adapt will help you become more comfortable and confident as a singer, performer, and business person.

Smarter Creative Choices

You will also sharpen your interpretive abilities, communication skills, while heightening your awareness of what suits you best in terms of style, venue, and focus. It will help you develop keen instincts and ideas for production quality and presentation. You will make smarter creative choices and wiser business decisions.

Investing in a singer’s showcase cd is a key step in building confidence, finding direction, sharpening your vision, and paving the way to developing the full potential of your unique gift. This tool is a key to opening the vehicle that drives you to your singing success.

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