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After months of research, refinement, testing, and meticulous fine-tuning, SingingSuccess.TV is now on the air to provide a refreshing, insightful experience that will continue to grow, with new video content, fresh forums, and informative blogs added weekly. It’s easy to use, fully integrated, with content that can be uniquely filtered to reflect your individual viewing pleasure. For a limited time, new monthly or yearly subscribers will receive 25% OFF.

Framed To Focus

With higher quality video content that features a larger video display window, this innovative, groundbreaking subscription website allows you to uniquely mix, match, frame, and focus, video and forum content for study and further review. With the enhanced video quality and audio content your viewing experience becomes more like watching your favorite movie.

Personalized Network

As a subscriber to SingingSuccess.TV you can now create your own personal profile – referred to as your “station”. SingingSuccess.TV gives you the ability to connect with other subscribers, station to station. This allows you to share information, ideas, vocal tips, performance experiences, concerns, questions, and even dates for any upcoming gigs. With SingingSuccess.TV, you create a network of viewers for your station profile. Upload your photo, bio and begin following other users.

Share Information

You now have the ability to post blogs about all aspects of your singing experience. You can pose questions to create a thread or topic for a forum. You decide where you want your information to go. If you want your blog to post in the discussion forums, just select “Forums” and post. If you want to draw attention to your singing abilities, post to the music forum.

Ongoing Feedback

The immediacy of being connected to others through content, topic, and personal experience makes your journey to singing success more alive, active, and can help to generate excitement, further personal and professional growth and development, while also gaining more valuable information to hone your skills, become more focus, and gain a stronger sense of direction and expectation. Through the forums and the views you connect with, you will get feedback to keep you on track.

Community Counts At SingingSuccess.TV

With SingingSuccess.TV you become a vital, active part of a thriving creative community. One of the challenges for many singers, singer-songwriters, performers, musicians, and others in the performing arts is a sense of feeling isolated or even insulated. SingingSuccess.TV provides an ongoing multi-leveled resource for gaining insight, information, support, encouragement, and camaraderie while pursuing your singing career.

Hundreds Of Videos

And, of course, for the monthly and yearly subscribers, there are hundreds of videos at your fingertips to provide information rich vocal lessons, tips, and interviews featuring Brett Manning and his associates, artists, and students. Videos can be searched by category, vocal style, vocal coach, most popular, beginner, advanced, date added, video length, or highest rating. Or, you can simply use the search option by topic. And yes, you can rate the videos and forum content you encounter as part of your SingingSuccess.TV viewing experience.

Unique Voice = Unique Choice

Through his master programs, Brett Manning teaches that each individual voice has unique qualities and potential. As a “station” owner you have the ability to customize your SingingSuccess.TV experience. You can download or stream videos based upon your unique vocal needs. You create or customize your personal station profile and network of viewers.

Cross-Reference Resources

One of the unique features of SingingSuccess.TV is the ability to cross reference forums, blogs, videos, and audio lessons when you do a search on a specific topic or issue. All formats that are related to the topic you search for are listed, whether it’s a video, audio, forum, or blog. This allows you to pull information together and even follow up with viewers, fellow station owners, or coaches for more information on a topic.


SingingSuccess.TV is so user-friendly you never have to leave the page if you don’t want to. Any videos that you want to stream are all easily accessed from one simple page. No more clicking around pages to find topics that might interest you.

Let’s say you’ve just finished another lesson on your mix voice. But you feel you’ve neglected your high notes or head voice and want to explore that. You can enter “high notes” or “head voice” in your search, and all related videos appear, as well as related forum and blog entries. You simply choose the video or related forum that you wish to view.

Book It, Buy It

You can also book a session via Skype or in person with one of Brett Manning’s world renowned, certified vocal coaches after viewing a video or by simply going to the “Coaches” page and selecting “Book A Lesson Now.” You can also go to the “Products” page to review current offerings to enhance your library of effective vocal training tools and resources.

Three Subscription Levels

There are three subscription levels for subscribers. With a free, basic level subscription, you receive your very own station page. You have the ability to comment on news, forums, and other stations, while also having the ability to follow others on SingingSuccess.TV. You can also create your own blogs and personal posts that are integrated with new forums. The free subscription account is a way to test-drive SingingSuccess.TV. You are limited to only being able to view short lesson previews. Full lessons are usually 45 minutes long, on average, while lesson previews are only about 3 minutes long.

With the monthly subscription, you receive access to stream all videos, along with the option of creating your own “station” stage. You have the ability to comment on news, forums, other stations, video lessons, along with other premium content. You can create your own blogs and personal posts that will be integrated with new forums. You can also follow others on SingingSuccess.TV and now you can download five video lessons of your choice each month.

For “station” owners that choose the yearly subscription, you receive your personal “station” profile. You have access to all videos. Stream or download anything and everything! You can view and download full lessons as well as create your own blogs and personal posts that will be integrated with new forums. You can comment on stations, news, and forums, and follow others on SingingSuccess.TV. Everything is UNLIMITED with the yearly subscription account!

Brett Manning Coach Testifies

“I have been teaching for many years – not only as a vocal coach, but I taught beginning to intermediate piano and ran a computer lab and taught K-8 for five years,” said Brett Manning certified vocal coach Zuke Smith. “I hit my own personal plateau as a teacher when I started getting many kids with vocal issues. I realized I needed a team to bounce ideas off of so I could help address them. I found SingingSuccessOnline and loved the three minute teasers so much I got a subscription. Soon after, I was on the phone with Heather planning my trip to Nashville to work on becoming certified. I learned so much from SingingSuccessOnline and hadn’t even bought any of the products yet! The bottom line is that music lessons are an investment and not everyone has the resources to book a professional lesson. I believe everyone has the right to have access to the pros and SingingSuccess.TV gives them that opportunity.”

Integration Communication Sensation

SingingSuccess.TV is committed to providing its station owners with the tools needed to stay connected and empowered in the pursuit of singing success. Its program selection offers integrated information along with a community of connectivity that is vital to keeping you at the top of your game as you hone craft, explore your full vocal potential, tap networking resources, become more market savvy, and continue to become better informed of what’s required to help you find your unique, appreciative audience and fan base.

For a limited time, new monthly or yearly SingingSuccess.TV subscribers can sign up with a 25% OFF discount! This offer ends soon, so sign up today at SingingSuccess.TV!

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