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One of the recurrent themes in these articles is the value of networking. The entertainment industry is often frustrating, discouraging, and even potentially isolating. You will likely get beaten down or even ignored far more often than you’ll be celebrated, engaged, or appreciated. That’s all the more reason to find support tools to help shore up your sanity, sharpen your vision, strengthen your voice, and keep your dreams well and thriving.

The following websites offer a variety of resources for singers. These resources include business tips, educational opportunities, contests and competitions, information on events and venues, and industry-related articles. Each offers links to other sites that will help you hone your skills, broaden your perspective, and connect with others for support. Each site also contains practical advice and offers avenues to pursue in defining your unique walk or run toward your singing success.

A Community Of Artists

The first site is yibster ( and is a social networking community of singers of all styles along with musicians, actors, dancers, comedians – talented people from all bends and blends of artistic expression. And the site is absolutely free to join.

One of the biggest benefits of joining yibster is that you realize you are not alone and can connect others for brainstorming, encouragement, education, sharing experience, fears and dreams. In short it’s an online community that helps you cope with the situations, opportunities, challenges, and people you face in your day by day face to face interaction.

It’s a great support tool for career coping and reinforcing life skills for survival. This site is a great resource for expanding and enhancing your circles of connections. Check it out at

Songwriters Need Singers

Another absolutely free website is the Songwriters Resource Network. This networking site is chocked full of information on every aspect of the music business that impacts the songwriter’s potential for achieving success. Remember that as a singer you are the ultimate resource for a songwriter. Without the singer, the song has no fully-realized life.

The more you learn about songwriters and the challenges they face, the better equipped you are to meet their needs. Some of the greatest singing careers have been launched and sustained by the working-artist relationships forged between a composer of words and music and a voice that brings it all so perfectly to life.

The Songwriter Resource Network provides tips for songwriters on how to write songs and market their music, and offers a variety of informative articles on lyric and song writing. The site also links to information on hundreds of music-industry contacts.

In addition free ads are available for songwriters seeking music producers and song publishers as well as free ads for song lyricists seeking music composers and composers seeking skilled lyricists.

Practical Advice

Throughout the site you’ll find practical advice on how to get heard and ways to connect with established song publishers. Songwriting and scoring for commercial jingles, website theme music, marketing, film, video and television are also covered, as well as how to copyright original material.

A singer who doesn’t write songs can learn about the songwriting process and music publishing opportunities. Getting to know publishers can be a benefit because you might be recommended to demo a song, sing backing vocals, or upgrade a poorly conceived demo. The site also offers information on finding songwriting partners, song publishers, music producers, and recording artists.

One of the keys to a vibrant, long-lasting career for a singer is to find a handful of composers who are inspired by your voice just as you are moved and engaged by their material. Songwriting, or at least familiarizing yourself with the community, will also help you become a better interpreter of music. Check them out at

A Choral Community

The third networking website is and focuses on the world of choral singing. This is the ultimate site for connecting with others who literally use their individual voices as part of a greater, choral community.

This is the ultimate site for choirs and choral groups and is worth looking into because of the skills that being part of a choir or choral group can teach you. Imagine using your voice to literally support and relate to others with the ultimate goal being to uplift, engage, inspire, and encourage a group of individual listeners.

Choral singing obviously teaches harmony but also requires strict discipline, the ability to work well with others, and helps you learn to adapt to a variety of styles, stages, and circumstances.

Many of the information-rich features of the site are free. But for $34.95, Singer Network also offers a Charter Membership which allows unrestricted access to the entire website. Other perks include their Singer Network eNewsletter, a vocal health Q&A forum with voice experts, weekly reports on choral industry trends, and calendar listings of choral concerts, auditions, festivals, and workshops. The membership also includes spotlight features on members, their singer-friends, and choral groups. For more information check out

Sharpen Your Tools By Using Them

The more resource tools you take advantage of the better equipped you will be to handle difficult times, to stay positive, to be informed, and to avoid isolation. So, make a commitment to yourself and with others to use these support tools to Network, be Informed, Cultivate communication, and Encourage yourself other and others. It’s a N.I.C.E. way to keep moving forward in your personal pursuit of singing success.

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