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The world’s elite vocal coaches used to be only accessible in major creative and cultural centers around the world. A singer would need to spend thousands of dollars traveling just to perfect their craft. I know of people who would even move to LA, NYC, or Nashville just to work with a vocal coach.

Thankfully, we live in a different world today. It’s a world where media and technology intersect with the foundations and principles of excellent vocal pedagogy. With the advent of streaming internet video conferencing, a student simply needs a computer, webcam, and microphone to connect with the world’s leading vocal coaches at Brett Manning Studios. Skype is our biggest asset at BMS by allowing us to meet with you at any moment for a vocal session. And our biggest asset can be your best friend! Here are a few tips on getting started with a Skype session today:

1) Install (or update) the Latest Version of Skype: I recommend updating to the latest version of Skype weekly or at least prior to each lesson. This will allow for the smoothest and best form of communication. The #1 issue during a Skype session is the connection. By staying current and up-to-date on software upgrades, you can almost eliminate this problem.

2) Buy and Install the latest High Quality WebCam: Most computers today come with a built-in camera. I highly recommend, however, buying the latest technology. Simply visit your local electronics store for the most recent ones. At BMS, we use Logitech High Definition cameras. Not only does it give you the best video quality, but it also will have the best possible sounds, thus allowing your coach to have the best possible audible representation of your voice.

3) Download Skype Recording Software: I would suggest downloading one of these programs over anything else. By having the ability to record and play back your vocal session, you will have the ability to capitalize on the key components of your session. In fact, most of the growth and discovery with each student happens after the vocal session, during moments of practice. You will also hear things that you may not have clearly picked up on in the actual lesson. Another benefit is having the examples of the coaching demonstrations to help you listen, practice, and achieve your vocal goals. These recordings can be downloaded in an mp3 format.

For Mac users we recommend Call Recorder for Skype

For PC users we recommend Pamela Skype recorder

4) Establish a Good Internet Connection: Having a good connection will help ensure the best video/audio quality for each lesson. I would suggest, if at all possible, avoiding using a wireless connection. You will always get a cleaner, more reliable feed when being hard wired. This is not by any means a requirement, but merely a suggestion to maximize the overall quality of the session.

5) The Final Step – Test Your Skype Connection: Please test your internet and Skype calling connection with a friend before your session. You will want to ensure that your audio and video connections are working properly. This will save time and allow for your entire lesson to be focused on you and not technical difficulties.

Never before in history have there been more resources at the disposal of aspiring musicians. No longer does a singer need a manager, a label, or a radio single to “make it”. Of course all of these tools still exist and can be very helpful in reaching worldwide fame, but the reality is that iTunes and YouTube, just to name a few, have completely revolutionized the music industry. I find this extremely exciting to know that anyone, anywhere can make it in today’s market. So download Skype, buy the Singing Success Program, book a lesson, and let’s start building your voice and career!

To book a Skype, phone or one-on-one vocal lesson with Jason Catron or ANY Brett Manning Associate Vocal Coach, please email Daniel at [email protected] or call 888-269-7758

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