Some Sound Sites To Secure Success

The internet is stocked full of information. The challenge comes with finding information you can trust. You want to tap into resources that lead to professional and personal growth. On the professional side, you want help with honing your craft, cultivating your fan base, creating strong material, and finding a support team of advisers that work to strengthen your run for the gold, or platinum.

By having healthy resources to tap into, that consistently provide the right information, you’re more likely to get on the right track quickly. That will save time, effort, and money. It will also lessen frustration, heartache, and distraction. When you have bad information that you trust, you might start moving down a path that takes you way off-course, and then you run out of fuel, crash, or abandon your vehicle (or dream) trying to find your way back.

Right Info Saves Time + Money

Think about it this way. You make an investment in Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix and Singing Success programs. What you paid for these programs gets you on the right track to growing your full vocal potential. It avoids throwing you off course with improper technique and direction that is potentially damaging or career threatening. It saves you time, money, and emotional duress that comes with having to give up what you’ve learned and having to get over how ticked off you are for being misled. It gives you hope to continue on as your gifts are strengthened and you become more confident.

You need to find resources with deep pockets of information at your disposal. Many singers and singer-songwriters want specific detailed information that helps to paint the bigger picture of the music business and helps to gain an understanding of where to plug in the unique shapes, sounds, colors, and textures that will serve to define and shine a light on their spot in that bigger picture.

Business Wise Words For Creative Thought

Music Network USA is a fantastic site for keeping up with what’s happening in the business and in getting a read on what’s to come. The site’s link to music business news pulls from news wire and media feeds that feature artist news, business trends, advances and enhancements in technology, business buzz, and spikes and slides in sales. The site also lists ongoing industry events such as key conferences, seminars, expos, and artist showcases in cities like L.A. and Nashville.

The site also offers a classified link that includes job opportunities, rehearsal resources, musicians seeking bands, and bands looking for new members, among other things. Their music web directory is a gold mine for digging up nuggets on production, venues, festivals, recording equipment, media, graphic design, performance rights, retail outlets, and educational hubs.

Fuel Your Drive For Success

Another such information-rich site is It provides a wealth of information and resources related to production, management, songwriting, legal services, artist development, and more. Currently the site offers 14 articles that cover a variety of topics that will serve to give you a better understanding of elements that will play a role in helping you define your needs, direction, creative fuel, and maintenance costs as you travel that road to your singing success.

Whether you’re a singer, singer-songwriter, musician, aspiring producer, manager, techie, or roadie, there is sound information at this site to help you more fully understand the business. CLICK HERE to check out the articles.

MusicU also links to a number of key services and resources. For example its link to production services lists a variety of demo resources that includes arranging, mixing, mastering, and packaging. Its management services link lists services that cover topics such as booking and promotions.

Circles Of Connections

In addition, the site, along with Music Network, USA can help you expand, enhance, and more clearly define your circles of connections. Through networking with others and tapping reliable resources your circles of connections turn into wheels that will help drive your singing success.

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