Stay Committed to What’s Uniquely You

Brett Manning makes it clear that he recognizes and honors the uniqueness of each individual. He doesn’t set out to change your voice. His teaching methodology and coaching philosophy is engaged to enhance what is uniquely you.

His exercises and practices are designed as readily accessible tools and resources to keep your voice healthy and operating at peak performance as you exercise its fullest potential and realize its greatest promise.

Shaping Product – Targeting Markets

Yet, in our culture – and especially in the entertainment industry – we tend to take on a cookie cutter mentality as we categorize, create files, typecast, stereotype, mimic, and idolize. This is done to create, shape, and sell product. This is also done to identify target markets for appeal.

Hip Is For Herding

Years ago, Grammy®-winning singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell, said that hip is a herd mentality. There is – not surprisingly – profound wisdom in her statement. The herd is fickle and looking to be led – it happens all the time. As a new unique artist becomes popular, qualities that make them unique suddenly become desirable or marketable, and a shift takes place in the herding, roping, and branding process.

Lost Sheep in the Shuffle

Because we are all subjected to this herding mentality – it’s understandable how some uniquely gifted, talented individuals can then neglect their uniqueness as they become lost sheep in the shuffle to conform. They may even be encouraged by support personnel to cover up or disguise their quirks and perks in order to conform to the current norm or trend. But you must never lose sight of your uniqueness and its promise for potential recognition and success.

Tools for Personal Significance

Your unique voice is not just defined by sound qualities such as pitch, tone, and range. It is also defined by choice of material, attitude, passions, heart, spirit, posture, challenges faced, personal triumphs, tragedies, and beliefs – and these are each uniquely defined in some way by you as an individual. This should not be taken for granted, but viewed as a matter of personal significance. Your uniqueness can be used as tools for survival, integrity, self-worth, strong faith, and for establishing a sense of place and purpose.

Affirm Some Quirks as Perks

So, do not neglect your uniqueness. Don’t cover up or disguise those things that define who you really are. Be true to your passions – those things that matter most to you in your heart and spirit. It’s important to affirm your uniqueness on a daily basis with a sense of being grateful for your place in the pursuit of your passion – and that includes devotion to a focus on your vocal career.

Polish What’s Unique Until You Shine

If you’re a singer, singing musician, singer-songwriter, or musical theatre performer, your uniqueness matters. Whether you’re an actress, voiceover talent, public information officer, product spokesperson, standup comic, or sportscaster, what makes you unique is what makes you shine. Whether you’re a broadcast journalist, pageant contestant, teacher, coach, lawyer, spiritual leader, or motivational speaker – what makes you unique will help to frame and focus what makes you stand out.

Daily or As Needed

So it is critical to your survival to personally create a way for you to acknowledge your uniqueness on a daily, or “as needed” basis, for those times when you feel overlooked, misplaced, or have been shamelessly herded, corralled, and branded. Those times will come – and may come often – it’s the nature of the business.

Frame + Focus in a Positive Light

To help you identify your uniqueness, take time to reflect on your accomplishments. Consider the following questions to help you paint that unique picture that frames and focuses your quirks and perks in a positive light.

To Get You Started

What do you see as your personal moments of shine? What obstacles have you overcome? When people describe you, what are the qualities that hit home inside of you – those that touch your heart, stir your spirit, and trigger dreams worth chasing?

What do you people say about your voice that gives you focus and a sense of purpose and place? What drives you to sing or speak or perform? What are three things you want your voice to inspire or encourage in others? What difference do you hope to make with your gifts?

Who are your personal heroes, and what qualities do they appeal to or prompt in you that help define your sense of who you are? How have you helped someone who has struggled or is struggling? How have you been affirmed by someone when facing hard times or a challenge?

What tragedies have you worked through, and what blessings have come from them? Who are people that believe in you – list their names and visualize their faces and feel their hand on your shoulder or heart.

Create Your Unique Affirming Tool

You might create a thank you card with a list of reminders of your uniqueness that you can keep handy each day. You might choose to place a recording that you can quickly access and listen to periodically that reminds you of your place and purpose. Be creative, inventive, and have fun in this process.

How you decide to honor your uniqueness is uniquely up to you! Use these questions to help you create a daily practice of honoring the unique creation that you are – and for encouraging the unique potential for success in your voice-driven career.

Honor the Uniqueness in Others

Do not neglect to honor the unique gifts of others. Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to talk about the role that being true to yourself and encouraging uniqueness plays in the pursuit of your singing, acting, speaking – whatever the focus for your vocal career.

Note the uniqueness of each of Brett Manning’s certified master associates. Note the unique qualities that are encouraged through each of Brett’s programs from Singing Success to Mastering Harmony – Volume I.

Quality Investment

Your unique place and purpose has profound value and deserves quality time, effort, and attention. Investment in Brett Manning’s uniquely inspired programs, along with booking sessions as you can with one of his certified master associates, is vital to making your mark and defining your unique place and purpose in the passionate pursuit of success for your voice-driven career.