Stay Driven By Your Singing Success

Two of the biggest challenges faced in the pursuit of success are getting on track and staying on track. These challenges are kept in check by having a clearly defined sense of direction. In other words, you know what you want and what you need to get there.

Your passion for music should be certainly a driving force, as well as your desire to perform or impact an audience. So, to help you define a clear path to follow, let’s take a closer look at these two driving forces.

Whether you’re a singer, singer-songwriter or a singing musician, you don’t want your path to be an impulsive mishmash of random wants and wishes or dreams and desires. They become warm and fuzzy intangibles that are real and essential, but they can serve to cloud your vision or muddy your sense of direction. It’s like driving under the influence.

Magic Markers

However, when properly mixed and refined, these wants, wishes, dreams and desires work well as fuel to keep your creative juices flowing, your heart happy, and your spirit soaring as you drive that road to success. But in order to define the course or path or track to drive on, these wants, wishes, dreams and desires must be turned into specific goals that will serve as markers along your road to singing success.


But before you define those goals that determine your running track or driving course, you to need to take inventory of your wants, wishes, dreams, and desires. So, set aside some time to indulge, and give yourself permission to be greedy and needy as your pour out all you thirst and hunger for. This process of self-indulgence consists of five phases and is referred to as: D.R.I.V.E.N. It gets kicked into gear with the “Dare” phase.

Dare To Define

The dare to dream, wish, want and desire begins with you initially taking inventory by yourself. You can share your list of dreams, desires, wishes, and wants with others later. If you do this with others as a group, you will be negatively or positively influenced by others. You might also not share deeper desires or wishes because they sound silly or insignificant or are too personal. So, you want to allow yourself to acknowledge these strongest, deepest wishes, wants, dreams and desires that drive you to sing – and to survive.

Get yourself into a place where you feel comfortable – physically and emotionally, with a clear open mind and a free nonjudgmental spirit. You might put on some music or nature sounds to help you concentrate and relax. Then dare to define what really drives you.

Write separate headings for wants, wishes, dreams, and desires. Then, tackle each initially one by one. To get started, you can keep saying out loud or thinking: I want…and then complete the statement. Let yourself go anywhere you want. It doesn’t even have to be consciously career-related. There is no editing or judging or stifling in this initial process. Simply let go, feel free, and run wild like a raging chocoholic in a Wonka Wonderland.

Relate To Greatness

After you have your inventory of wants, wishes, dreams and desires – relate these to your singing. Look for those that clearly play a part in why you sing, what you sing, what you want your singing to inspire or move or impact. In this “Relate” phase you are refining your list so that it clearly looks like the hunger and thirst and will of a singer, singer-songwriter or singing musician. But do not skip the first step. You’d be amazed how important those primal, most deeply rooted forces are in keeping you happy, stimulated, satisfied and focused.

Be patient and thorough in the refining process of the “relate” phase. It may take you a day or two to process everything on your list or it may take just a few hours. But honor these wants, wishes, dreams and desires by giving them the time they deserve in helping you define your path for singing success.

Can I See Your ID Please

Next you want to “identify” those wants, wishes, dreams and desires that you know are vital to your growth and health as a vocalist, artist, performer, and musician. Growth and health applies to the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and artistic components of your creativity, personal sense of well being and your professional persona or public image.

The “identify” phase will require patience as well. You need to set aside some quality time to focus so that you can effectively evaluate these components that must be kept in working order so you stay focused, healthy, positive, and on track.

Validate Connections

Next you move on to the “Validate” phase of evaluating your dreams, desires, wants and wishes. You want to see evidence of the role each of these has played in getting you where you are right now or how any neglect, abuse, or misuse has had an impact on holding you back, being a distraction, keeping you misinformed, or sending you in the wrong direction.

You want to see a living, real connection and potential impact for these items in your current pursuit of personal and professional success. These are things that will play a key role in helping you perform more effectively, keep your focus, stay passionate, and become more disciplined, determined, and dedicated as you move forward. What you are essentially doing here is sharpening the focus on what drives you as a singer, singer-songwriter or singing musician.

Eliminate Waste

After you validate, it’s time to “Eliminate” and streamline the process. In this phase you want to get rid off anything you define as potentially destructive, counter-productive, irrelevant, or even frivolous.

This phase may actually come more quickly for many. By now, you’re likely tired of revisiting your list or things that seemed important have lost their luster or appeal. But don’t be too hasty in knocking them off of your list. For each item you eliminate, be clear in your reason for its removal.

However, it doesn’t mean the item isn’t real or a part of you. It doesn’t mean the dream, want, desire or wish is not important on some level. You’re simply saying it’s not as vital a part of what drives your singing success. However, you do want to get rid of negatives and anything that holds you back.

Name Your Claim To Fame

Now, take your final list and “name” your goals as you transform the dreams, wants, desires and wishes into a handful of clearly defined specific markers to shoot for on the road to your singing success. You will then define your main goal based on this handful of goals. The main goal is the ultimate destination that says to you that you have arrived, that you have achieved success, and that you have that career you will continue to build on.

So there you have it – Dare, Relate, Identify, Validate, Eliminate, and Name. This process will help you turn those wants, dreams, desires and wishes into a destination for success that has clearly defined steps for you to follow.


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