Stay Prepped + Pumped For Singing Success

One of the biggest keys to success in any venture or career is preparation. In a business where opportunities are often few and far between, and can often come with little notice, preparation is a critical survival tool as well. You need to be ready for that big break that may take years to completely unfold.

One of the many benefits of Brett’s teaching is that he provides a proven method for tapping into your full vocal potential that not only makes you a stronger, better singer, but also naturally promotes vibrant vocal health through his exercises, methods, and technique.

Vocal Strength

In other words, if you faithfully follow his programs, such as Singing Success and Mastering Mix, and you book sessions periodically with a number of Brett’s certified associates, your voice will always be in tip top shape because of your daily commitment to engage in proper warm ups and warm downs as well as execute the exercises as modeled.

By staying strong and healthy vocally, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to hit those notes in your break that you used to either avoid or try to belt, crack, and shriek your way through, settling for a flat to sharp falsetto. Your mastery of the mix will stay with you naturally and seem effortless.

Yours Interpretively

Because you know you’re in great shape technically, you’re also free to focus on your interpretive skills so that your storytelling and communication abilities can be sharpened.
When technique is second nature, you’re able to focus on telling the song’s story. You can share the hidden meaning of a lyric, and fully deliver any special message in a song instead of thinking about whether or not your voice is going to crack as you attempt to fly across the bridge.

Every Day is Opening Night

It’s important to treat every day as a performance day like opening night, reserving one day a week for rest, with the exception of warming up early in the day and warming down before heading to bed.

You can also focus on positive thinking, allowing yourself to visualize your singing success, however you define it. It might include seeing yourself doing a whirlwind global tour of your dream venues.

Fight Negatives with Pluses

If any negative thinking comes up, stop it in its tracks by indulging your favorite music and songs in the company of close friends. Or get online and head for the forums at SingingSuccess.TV and chat up some encouragement for yourself or pump up the promise of others your encounter in the SingingSuccess.TV community.

Make a commitment each day to feed interpretive skills by reading song lyrics aloud. Treat them as poetic conversations or as dramatic monologues.

Fun With Lyrics

You should set aside time to allow yourself to simply have fun playing with song lyrics. Take a line in a song, and read it through over and over again, as you emphasize a different word each time. Notice how it changes the meaning, depending on what word is being stressed.

Stay Supple + Available

Play with accents and dialects, making up different stories and scenarios for what prompts the lyrics to be spoken. This will help you exercise your interpretive muscles and instincts, while you also sharpen your storytelling ability. It also gives your imagination a good healthy dose of childlike wonder, and it helps you get reacquainted with your ability to simply make believe. This will help you become more creatively supple and more readily available interpretively when approaching a song.

Not For Singers Only

For those of you who rely on your voice for public speaking, lecturing, business leadership, voiceover work, live broadcast, or commercial gigs, these same practices for preparation also apply. Every day is a day for a booking or engagement that allows you to use your voice to frame, focus, or showcase messages that will make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Colors + Shapes + Textures

The interpretive workout helps you look beneath the surface of the written word in bringing it to life so that it stirs your heart to spark the collective heart of your audience. It also gives your voice more colors, shapes, and textures to work with. Those colors, shapes, and textures can be reached, bent, and stretched effectively for impact because of your work with Brett Manning’s certified associates and through faithful commitment to the daily use of his products.

Practice Preparation

So, remember to make your daily commitment to practice preparation through a proper warm up and warm down. Include a lesson with a Brett Manning certified associate or exercises from one of his programs. Read lyrics aloud conversationally, and let your imagination soar. Practice cold readings of the written word in any form and even make up melodies to give your interpretive skills an extra workout.

Encourage Others Daily

And always look for ways to encourage others and to encourage yourself – every single day! It’s all a part of preparation. And that is one of the major keys that will help you discover and deliver your greatest potential as you unwrap the amazing gift of your unique voice.