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One of the biggest challenges in the pursuit of any dream career, or in the art of simple day to day living in general, is time management.

The challenge becomes more evident when you’re faced with having to make a decision or choice, especially those that require taking action.

We tend to rattle off lists of excuses for not making decisions or taking action until “the time is right.” In most cases, we need to shift our thinking, and reset our internal clocks, so that we’re constantly reminded that “the time is right now.”

Missed Opportunities

Think about any auditions, meetings, and opportunities to advance your career that you either put off or did not take advantage of. Or, imagine if an opportunity suddenly came your way right now. What excuses do you most frequently come up with for not taking action?

It may be feelings of not being prepared or needing more information. Maybe you don’t feel that well, or you just don’t feel like driving that far. For some, you’re waiting for that perfect contact to call, or that perfect audition or showcase opportunity. You might be thinking it’s too risky. Maybe you’d commit, but you can’t get a hold of a friend that’s really good at getting you pumped up or psyched.

Common Concerns

Now, think of things you know you should be doing, but you haven’t made the effort. Take a few minutes to think of your reasons for not initiating any action in each case. What are the common issues or concerns?

If you are genuinely engaged each day on strengthening your voice, and have an ongoing commitment to work at sharpening your technical and interpretive skills, then you have no viable excuse for not pursuing opportunities to advance your career!

Top Five Excuses

Make a list of your top five excuses for not taking action. And then, once you’ve identified your top five, dispute the validity of each of your excuses. What you want to do is create an affirming, positive energizing statement that can be used to prompt taking action when an unsolicited opportunity arises.

For example, let’s say one of your most common issues is, “it’s too risky” or “it’s not worth the risk.” In this case, spin your statement toward what you stand to gain from taking the perceived risk. In other words, if you don’t get the gig or don’t get called back, what do you still stand to gain?

Step Up – Step Out

Your affirmation might be to boost your comfort and confidence from just going for it. There are possible networking opportunities that could prove beneficial in the future. Even if you’re not sure what exactly you stand to gain from taking action, go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity believing that something will be learned and gained from stepping up and stepping out.

If you walk away with a greater awareness of things you need to work on, your effort was not a failure. A common excuse for putting things off is waiting for ideal circumstances; or waiting until you feel inspired, or waiting for things to line up perfectly. You need to understand and believe that deals, perfection, and inspiration, rest with you.

It’s Your Power

You have the power to influence, inspire, and engage others while becoming more enlightened and informed as you take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. In fact, you are in charge of creating opportunities. So, use your time to generate, pursue, and attract opportunities to advance your career.

Whether your goal is to book more speaking engagements, to land the lead in a brand new musical, to win the talent competition in a local pageant, or to be that magical mesmerizing voice in the newest Shrek sequel, you need to take charge of creating opportunities to grow your career, strengthen your skill sets, beef up your fan base, nurture your networking, and faithfully pursue a positive plan of affirming action.

Reasons to Risk

Anchor your affirming actions and hitch your hungry heart to the pursuit of your passion. What dreams are driving the development of your voice? Link your love for learning and living successfully to each action you take to advance your career. Engage in booking a session with a Brett Manning certified associate. Help out at a fundraiser for a cause you share with local artists, speakers, and community leaders. Turn your excuses to reasons for risk.

Make That Move – Shake Things Up

The more you see yourself as a mover and shaker, more opportunities will move and shake your way. Also, more things that are uncertain or unnecessary will be moved and shaken away as you hone your craft, gain more experience, and establish the unique promise and persuasive power of your voice.

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to share how you’ve turned sinking spells of inertia and procrastination into seasons of spontaneity to celebrate.

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The more positive action you initiate, the more opportunities you generate to engage your voice and advance your singing success.

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