Sticking Your Neck Out

It’s natural to think you’re going to have more control over your voice if you use the muscles in your throat to “control it”, when actually the opposite is true. If I’m a little sick and have to perform, many times I notice myself sticking my neck out and trying to “muscle” my way through a song by twisting and contorting my neck muscles. That is the worst thing we can do in that situation!

Check yourself in front of a mirror by standing sideways. Observe your profile while singing and see if you’re pushing your neck out. If your spine and neck are a straight line, bravo! If you’ve got your neck out, take a deep breath and correct it.

It can also help to slowly and gently roll your neck to the left and then right, while breathing deeply. Square your shoulders, relax your jaw muscles, and try singing again. You should notice more control and more clarity than before!

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