Swap Until You Drop

Image plays a critical role in establishing your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, or band. As a performer and consumer it’s critical to find the right wardrobe the helps you create and maintain that image you want to project. This applies equally to men and women.

But the hunt for fashion can come with a pretty steep price unless you think green and fish for fashion frugally. A clothing swap® is a growing trend that is green for the environment and saves you some green with your already stretched and maxed out finances in our challenged economy.

What It Is

In its simplest terms a clothing swap® is a gathering where people bring in quality clothes- items and accessories that they no longer use, things they would likely give to a thrift shop or take a consignment store. These are items that are in good condition without stains, rips or tears. And they must be clean.

These can be items that are new and still have the tags on them. It may be items worn only once or twice for a special event or occasion. Most items likely be those that have been “gently used” and are still in good condition.

The Way It Works

Take inventory of your wardrobe to search for items you no longer use or to let go of pieces that no longer work for you. This allows you to get rid of clutter not by throwing it away but by recycling. And it gives you a sense of what’s missing or may stir some ideas about new things to add or try.

To participate requires a small entrance fee and your contribution to the collective garb pile. You are then free to pick up whatever items you need. Items may include things from coats, dresses, pants and suits to tee-shirts, sweaters and blouses to jewelry, watches, ties, belts, scarves, and purses. Styles can include everything from vintage and classic to whimsical and romantic to preppy and provocative.

Whatever is left over at the end of the clothing swap® is donated to charity such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, homeless organizations and other related resources.

Perks That Profit

This event supports your community, gives to charity, helps the environment, saves you time and money, and is also another way to enhance your circle of connections. Through casual conversation while “swapping” you can let people know about your creative gifts and why you’re participating. You may even be able to build some support for pursuing your dream. You might even book a gig such as a wedding or party or discover an industry inroad.

You really never know who knows who or what that can help you move closer to achieving your goals and realizing your full potential.

Visit www.clothingswaps.com for the full 411 on enhancing your on stage and off stage performance wardrobe.