The Making of Singing Success 360 with Guest Dallan Beck

Dallan Beck turns the tables on Brett by asking him about Singing Success 360, and what it took to create it. Dallan reflects on Brett’s dedication, and Brett shares how he stayed productive while creating this perpetual learning program. Check out the episode below and learn how Brett became a vocal coach an learn about […]

Building Relationships In The Music Industry

On this episode, Brett and Dustin talk about building and maintaining relationships in the music industry, pretending to be an extrovert, and making your critics your peers….    

Could Singing Success and/or Speech Level Singing hurt your voice?

On this episode, you’ll discover if Singing Success and/or Speech Level Singing can hurt your voice and what the difference is between the two, plus: what techniques can hurt you and what techniques will NEVER hurt your voice! TECHNIQUE — You will either pay to stay the same or get better… Both can be expensive. […]