Take a Chance on Change for Singing Success

In the pursuit of a career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical theatre performer, the one true constant is the chance for change.

Your ability to adapt to change is

one of the keys to your success. And a great deal of that ability to adapt will come as you grow more confident and competent in your craft.

Grounded in Brett’s Methods

Singing Success ProgramInsecurity fosters instability. By booking sessions with one or several Brett Manning certified associates, and by investing in programs such as Singing Success, Mastering Mix, and the Top Seven series, you take critical steps toward building confidence and comfort levels, along with shoring up a solid foundation of competent craftsmanship as a vocalist.

Brett’s teaching provides a valuable, reliable, quickly accessible resource for adapting to a variety of performance challenges, whether you’re in the recording studio, on stage, or bending and stretching out during coaching sessions and rehearsal time.

Tastes + Trends

A chance for change can come at any time, especially in a business that is so strongly influenced by shifts in taste and trends. Celebrity Vocal Coach Brett ManningYet the constant that grounds you as a vocalist is the teaching of Brett Manning. Learn more about Celebrity Vocal Coach Brett Manning HERE

However, you might need to consider shifts in your image or sound or style. Or, you might want to simply stand your ground and further refine what you feel is your signature sound and defining image.

Unique Path

Or maybe you want to experiment a little or add a few surprises. The bottom line is that it’s up to you to choose what changes you want to make or chances you want to take as you pursue your unique path for singing success.

But you don’t want to change simply for the sake of following a trend. And you also want to carefully consider any potential fallout that might come from changes made or chances taken that could tarnish your image or hurt your reputation.

Spin It Your Way

When it comes to following a trend, you can acknowledge it as a singer, but put your own spin on the trend. Resist the temptation to imitate. What you want to do is examine the trend – whether it’s an issue of style, sound, arrangement, culture, a look, subject matter – and respond to it in a way that creatively or artistically represents where you come from in your heart. In other words, you want to remain true to who you are.

Set Standards

You must have a certain set of standards from which you will not stray or compromise. You want to maintain these as points of reference and perspective that keep you grounded. You always build on these. But they are a part of what defines you as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical theatre performer.

This is not to say that you’ll never reach a point in your career where you want to go in a different direction. When you have set standards that serve as your foundation and keep your heart in the right place, you are then free to fly as needed.

Facing Change

You might reach a point where you realize that what you’re doing isn’t working. Maybe you’ve stagnated; or you have a sense of something you’d like to change or play with, but you’re at a stand still. In other words, the risk of change is seen as greater than the risk of standing still. So, what do you do?

Risk Management

If you’ve reached the point where the risks of standing still seem greatest, your focus in making a change is on managing risk. Weigh the pros and cons with those you trust. Use your standards as guides for determining the scope and design of any change you’re considering. Gain a consensus on the changes from those you trust before you set the change into motion.

You’ll likely face some resistance from people that were comfortable with what you were doing, especially the fan base you’ve been building. Make efforts to reach out to them to let them know what changes are coming. Some of their feedback may not necessarily be favorable.

New Faces

Some people will tend to feel connected to and identify with what you feel has been stifling or stunted you in terms of growth. You might want to get feedback on what they appreciated the most; and see if you can assure them that some of those elements are intact, if indeed they are. Don’t be afraid to risk moving in a different direction. In the long run, you may grow a wider, more diverse, fan base with many new faces.

Respect to Connect

The public looks for artists that speak to what matters most in their hearts. They respond to those they feel understand them and express the joys, sorrows, longings, and perspectives they share. The standards that you identify will likely be what will resonate with your loyal fan base.

It’s also reasonable to think that perspectives change as your life experience grows. In many cases, your fans will grow right along with you. So, when chances for changes are real and heartfelt, think them through and work them out with care and compassion.

Shift to Shore Up

Be prepared for shifts in your following. Change naturally shakes things up a bit. On the positive side, your singing skills adapt to change because you’re rooted in Brett Manning’s proven methods for power, proficiency, presence, and performance.

There will be a learning curve for you and for your fans. Allow for it, and learn from it as needed. You might consider arranging a tour in an area where you’re not well-known that can serve as a test market for you to try out new material, or you can do an invitation-only performance for your most loyal fans. The choice is yours.

Devoted Fans

Think of artists you appreciate whose careers have spanned several decades such as Cher and Madonna, for example. They’ve stuck to their gunning pipes as vocalists, but have ventured into acting and have experimented with adjustments to their respective image. They have fans that have stayed with them through the decades, as well as fans that have followed them for a season or two. The bottom line is to be true to who you are and make changes and take chances as what’s true to you dictates.

Chatting Chances

Talk to others about chances taken and changes made in the SingingSuccess.tv forums. Share changes you’re considering and ask about possible ramifications. Compare notes on issues you struggle with in defining a signature sound or look. Talk about any resistance to change that has been a stumbling block for you or has helped you strengthen your stand.

Coaching Changes

Book a skype, phone, or studio session with a Brett Manning certified associate to get feedback on possible changes stylistically or in terms of image. Invest in the programs from Brett Manning, as well as those from live performance guru Tom Jackson, to help you hone your craft and explore all aspects of defining and refining your craft and image.

Take every chance to change your dream career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical theatre performer into the ultimate expression of your unique singing success.

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