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There is a tendency for each of us to discuss our day jobs as having absolutely nothing to do with our artistic pursuits and dreams of becoming a popular, celebrated singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer.

But the truth of the matter is that everything in life is connected and interrelated on some level, often on many levels. In fact, when you think about it, the opportunity to grow begins with those first few yawns, stretches, and sometimes reluctant plans for taking on each new day.

It’s All Connected

But what about all of the time that’s wasted sitting at a desk, working the phones, flipping burgers, serving happy hour well drinks – those interruptions and demands seem like one gigantic disconnect, right?

It seems that way, but there is likely some potential value to be gained by doing a little investigative digging and probing. You can start right where your day job, night job, and all other assorted odd jobs have you otherwise disengaged or distracted from the pursuit of your singing success.

Quitter Matters

Quitter is the name of a wonderfully insightful book by writer Jon Acuff. His primary focus is trained on closing the gaps between those day jobs we take on to pay the bills and make ends meet, while waiting for that big break that will lead us to our dream job.

One of the many valuable points he makes in moving from a job you learn to like to the one you love, is that there is valuable experience to be gained, information to be gleaned, and other resources to tap while marking time at a day job that can help you make an effective, rewarding transition to your dream job.

Life Lessons At Hand

Acuff gets the reader to find real meaning in the tasks at hand, regardless of the job. He invites workers to explore lessons a day job can teach that apply to the ultimate dream job of doing something you love – that would be singing, right?

This oversimplifies his premise, and the book touches on many other issues, but for the sake of your personal pursuit of singing success, take a moment to think about your day job, night job, or series of odd jobs. Now, think about anything that you could learn or apply that would somehow relate to your desire to hit the road as an opening act for a major artist or whatever your dream gig may be.

Tastes + Trends

There are opportunities to learn about musical tastes and trends by talking to coworkers, observing patrons, and checking out what people are listening to. You also have an opportunity to work on people skills by building relationships, networking, and becoming more confident in who you are and by gaining a better understanding of your gifts and passions.

Ideas On Tap

As you get to know others at your day job, you might just discover that you have more in common. You might get ideas for new material to sing or may be introduced to new artists to explore. If you’re a singer-songwriter, there is a potential gold mine of story ideas, emotions, dreams, heartache, happiness, and other experiences to tap into all around you.


Take a moment to look at your coworkers and clientele as potential audience members and listeners for your music. You can even share some of your music to get feedback. There are opportunities to learn from others about life challenges they’ve faced or are facing that can help you deal with challenges, setbacks, and opportunities that will come in the pursuit of your singing career.

Stepping Stones

Once you begin to tap into your day job as a teaching tool for helping you transition to your dream job, you might discover opportunities for other day jobs that can serve as stepping stones in the pursuit of your singing success.

Fine Tuning

Use the forums here at to talk about your day jobs and information you’ve learned that has become surprisingly valuable in helping you advance the pursuit of your singing success. Talk about job opportunities that exist where you have a chance to learn more about demographic for which you feel your voice and music has the greatest appeal.

Use the products by Brett Manning and Tom Jackson to continue to grow your confidence and hone your skills as you transition from your day job, night job, and odd jobs into that dream job that represents the full potential and joy that comes from singing.

Booking Supplements Success

Supplement the training received through your day job by booking regular sessions with Brett Manning certified associates either by skype, over the phone, or in the studio.
Remember that regardless of where you work or walk, keep your heart properly engaged in honoring the resources around you and within you. That’s the best way to stay on course for tapping the true treasure and full measure of your singing success.


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