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I had the privilege of going to teach a seminar in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend at a local church. The church was looking for some vocal training for their volunteer worship team members and choir. I went up there and

taught a seminar to the singers and had a blast with the great people of Grace Community Church! After eating dinner, a diverse group of probably 30 people settled into my workshop. Their ages ranged from probably 20-70, and they were from all walks of life. I love that! Who says that a unified group has to be the same age? These people came ready to learn too, and most may have had no idea what they were getting themselves into! But that’s honestly something I love about teaching groups like this. You never know what to expect and neither do they, so it’s the perfect opportunity to learn on both fronts. I learn how to communicate to a melting pot of learning styles and cultural differences, and they all absorb the same material bringing unity to their group. 

If you want to know something about me…this is an aspect of teaching and training that I’m pretty passionate about. I stinkin’ love working with worship teams and choral groups. Partly because I get to mash up my current work of vocal coaching with my prior experience of teaching choirs and worship training. It’s like a few of my worlds collide in that setting, and it just plain fits! Another reason I love seminars is that they keep things fresh. The needs of different groups always vary so no two experiences are ever the same. Some groups are looking for more one on one work with members, others want group lessons, and still others are looking for mic technique, monitor help, blending, intonation, and practical tips of effective worship leading. Even if your needs aren’t church related, the principles are the same. And that is how music can be such a universal language. 

This particular group was so fun and kept me laughing the whole time. But more than anything I love to be able to look out at all these faces and watch them as one by one, light bulbs go off, and they discover new techniques they have never used before and have breakthroughs they didn’t realize were possible…at ANY AGE! Gosh, I love my job. Thanks for affording me the opportunity to help!

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