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Brett Manning

Brett Manning is one of the music industry’s most sought after vocal coaches. Brett has had the privilege of working with many of today’s top recording artists such as: Leona Lewis, Hayley Williams, Jimmy Gnecco, Taylor Swift, John Michael Montgomery, Luke Bryan, Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES), Keith Urban, Mikky Ekko, Miley Cyrus, and the list goes on. Brett has also worked with the casts of Broadway productions of Les Miserables and Jekyll and Hyde, as well as the Broadway tour of Elton John’s Aida.

Brett was born on April 27, 1966 in Grants Pass, Oregon. At a young age Brett discovered his love for music and singing and later went on to study musical theatre and voice at the University of Utah. It was during this time that Brett realized that his voice was lacking the vocal range and power that he needed to land those leading roles which he had so long desired.Frustrated by this fact, in desperation to learn how to sing better, Brett started taking voice lessons from various private voice teachers. Even so, to his dismay, he saw very little progress after taking countless vocal lessons. Discouraged, but not deterred, Brett was more determined than ever to improve his singing voice. It was for this reason that he began his quest for knowledge researching how the voice truly works.

Brett spent the next few years seeking out and working with some of the world’s top voice teacher’s, researching as many vocal theories as possible. His knowledge and understanding of the voice grew increasingly and not only ignited his passion for teaching, it inspired him to develop his own vocal training method of priceless vocal techniques which finally produced the results that he had so long desired. This new found knowledge ultimately inspired his passion to teach other singers the voice methods which had taken him years to discover so that they could avoid the frustration which he had experienced in learning how to developing his own voice.

In 1992, Brett opened his first vocal training studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was after only a few short years of teaching that Brett became the most sought after voice coach in the region, mostly because of the incredible results his students experienced in just a short period of time. Brett’s teaching career stimulated his continual pursuit of knowledge of the singing voice, and through years of research and experimentation, he developed many of his own new vocal exercises and voice techniques. To contain his vast knowledge of the voice, Brett began writing down the script that would eventually become the world’s most successful vocal training course, The Singing Success Program. And as they say, The rest is History.In 1997 Brett opened his first vocal training studio to Nashville, TN.

In 2007, he officially founded “Brett Manning Studios” where he began training and certifying international vocal coaches in his “Singing Success” methodology. With now close to 50 Associate vocal coaches (BMAs) worldwide, Brett continues to teach along side a few hand-picked associates at his studio here in Nashville. Brett Manning Studios works with singers of all musical genres, experience, or skill. Brett has worked with recording artists from almost every major label including Capitol, Universal, Columbia, Atlantic, Gotee, Island Def Jam, Interscope, Provident, Lyric Street, Epic/Sony, Word, Embassy, Dreamworks, as well as countless independent record labels. His client list contains winners of the world’s most prestigious vocal awards, including the Doves, the CMA Awards, and the GRAMMYS.Brett is known for his fun, encouraging demonstrations, showing how even brand new singers can experience immediate improvement in the range, ease, and quality of their voice. Unwilling to give up on his passion for teaching singers of every type, regardless of their skill level, geographical location, or professional aspirations.

Brett has created a number of voice training programs to make his incredible teaching methods available to every singer, from anywhere in the world. The Singing Success method has helped hundreds of thousands of singers in over 164 countries around the world.

Chanelle Guyton
BMA Associate

Chanelle began her vocal education in Boston, MA where she attended Boston Arts Academy and took classes at Berklee College of Music. She received her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. She went on to complete her Masters of Music at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. While performing professionally, she uncovered her love of teaching and coaching. Chanelle began teaching private lessons out of her home, returned to Lee University and obtained a TN Teaching License, and is now a Brett Manning Associate teaching full-time at our studio here in Nashville.

She has traveled the world singing with professional and collegiate groups, performing all over the United States and Europe. Chanelle has sung the National Anthem at packed out stadiums, held several roles in operas and theater productions, and is a seasoned worship leader. Along her journey a casting director for Disney gave her the life-changing advice to delve into commercial-style voice. All roads pointed to Brett Manning. She was so impressed with his “Singing Success” method, the knowledgeable coaches, and her accelerated progress, that she immediately moved to Nashville to become one of Brett’s associates.

Since certifying almost two years ago, Chanelle has coached over 3,300 lessons with students all over the world. Her students range from the earliest beginner to students with music degrees, and some of the hottest up-and-coming artists in Nashville and abroad. Since her time at Singing Success, Chanelle has been sought after by record labels to provide their artists with efficient coaching to prepare them for recording and touring. She has worked in the studio with several singers on their recording projects, and has been hired by churches to perform workshops with their choirs and praise teams.

Chanelle helps each student reach their highest potential as a singer, while empowering them to find their own unique voice.

Benny Meza
BMA Associate

Benny has a passion for teaching vocal techniques that make singers great and relevant in the world today. He works with artists from labels and production companies such as Sony, Universal, inVogue, Kemosabe Records, and Lionsgate. And he’s a living testimony to the effectiveness of the Singing Success method.

When he started singing in high school, Benny was unable to sing above a Middle C without straining and feeling discomfort. Now he can sing above a High C in a full mixed voice with total freedom. Benny loves teaching others how to get the same results that have completely revolutionized his voice. His approach to coaching includes diagnosing a singer’s technical ability and developing every part of their instrument, but he does not stop there. He says, “Many singers fall short because they don’t know how to use what they’ve got. Being able to hit high notes, sing smoothly, and do runs is important, but not enough.”

Slovenia-based singer Kristjan Virtič, a founder of the a capella group Bassless, writes, “Benny showed me the ways to make my singing easy. Now I can sing longer and with more power. What I love about working with him is that he doesn’t focus only on the technical aspect of the voice but helps you develop your own personal style and find different colors of your voice in very relaxed sessions. That’s why I choose to work with him despite the fact that he lives in the other side of the world.”

Ben Waites
BMA Associate

Ben Waites was born with arthrogryposis, and while his body may be bound to a wheelchair, his spirit is soaring through the gift of song. At a young age, Ben was inspired by his grandfather, Jim Waites, a talented singer and founder of the Gospel Tones Quartet. Ben knew he had to find his calling and to make something out of his life. His desire to spread the Gospel directed Ben to begin musical training.

In December of 2010, Ben graduated from Louisiana College with an interdisciplinary concentration of music, communications, and theater arts. He received several scholarships during his years at college, and was given the honor of singing at his own graduation. The entire auditorium was on its feet, cheering and applauding the seemingly unlikely student with the beautiful voice. Singing has become such a crucial part of Ben’s life and career, but music is not his whole life. Growing up, he had a happy, fulfilling life and supportive family. He says he did everything the other kids did, just with a little help sometimes. Ben chose to sing, but he knows that he will be fine with or without his gifted voice.

Claude McKnight
BMA Associate

Claude McKnight is a 10 Grammy Award winning vocalist. Having founded the vocal group Take 6, he brings a unique set of skills in not only technique, but style as well. “My background of almost 30 years of professional singing has enabled me to be, and stay on the forefront of not only what sounds right, but what FEELS GREAT!”

The art of singing well has always been a very subjective thing, and what typically sounds/feels good to one, may not to someone else. Claude’s approach is unique in that he works with the basic elements of the voice; pitch, timbre, range, etc, and with the student, helps to map the pathways to better choices, and confidence. “What exactly does that mean?” You may ask? Very simply this…

Let’s say you own a Ferrari. That Ferrari in all it’s splendor and abilities to take you down the road faster than almost any other car…is just a pretty car without an amazing driver to push it to its limits! The same can be said of the human voice! We can/should train it in all the best ways to know what it’s capable of…but the training doesn’t stop there! It’s at this point that we must learn to “drive” it to it’s highest and best potential. This is where we find technique, MARRIED to STYLE! Your style!! Finding out just who you are, and then being focused on staying authentic!

Claude has worked with, and taken lessons from some great teachers, including Brett Manning, and Seth Riggs. “I’ve known and worked with Brett for the better part of 20 years, the biggest things I’ve taken away from these great teachers are the underlying tools it takes to move to the next level in singing!” With these tools, and the elements of style, Claude can teach you how to unleash the Ferrari in your voice/soul to be the best singer you can be!

Partial list of people Claude has worked with over the years:
Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, John Legend, NeYo, Babyface, Michael McDonald, Brian McKnight, David Foster,

The Grammy’s, (10 wins, 23 nominations)
The Oscars, (sung)
Inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. (2014)

Madison Sariah
BMA Associate

Madison Sariah knew very early on what her passions were going to be in life. Being close family friends with the Manning’s stirred a desire for music early on as she was around writer’s rounds and the recording studio more often than not! 
She started training with Brett Manning at the early age of 9 years old and has exclusively studied with Brett and more recently his associate coaches at his Nashville based studio.
One of her other passions in life is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Her Father was the main inspiration for this important life skill. She began training with him at only 10 years old and has since earned a high ranking position with many awards. She serves as a Jiu Jitsu instructor currently, and is passionate about teaching other women & children this valuable life skill of self-defense. 
She has grown up developing and mastering the art of the voice as well as the art of self-defense. Her love for Jiu Jitsu helped her be more mindful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which in turn, also helped her voice. 
Madison’s voice was very small and light. That is until she received the Singing Success program and took lessons with Brett. Progress was being made but she still had a break in between her head and whistle voice. Her “Mix” was also lacking in strength. 

As she got older, she began training with Mastering Mix and the SS360 program. Her years of training have certainly paid off! She now has power in her voice and is connecting in her head and whistle register without a break.

Madison would be the first to tell you that Brett built her voice from the ground up. Madison has since decided to join the BMA program and is now one of the newest members of the Singing Success Team!


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