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Many singers ask these kinds of questions: “Is this method useful for rock music?” “Is Brett Manning’s method good for opera singers?” “Can I sing country with this technique?”

The answer is the same: “Technique is technique. Style is style.”

Our aim is to

make the voice work freely, get rid of tensions, create beautiful sounds, sing in pitch, expand our range, etc… All these goals are valid, aside from the genre you sing. Obviously, a tenor who sings opera will use a different sound from a rock singer who sings Guns’ n’ Roses’ tunes, but the basis is the same.

Like the other certified teachers of this technique all around the world, I work with students coming from all kinds of styles. This method is about discovering your real possibilities, which are far beyond what you may think. We want to make people sing with no effort in every part of their vocal range. For example, we work on light sounds to create release and how to use resonance to make them bigger.

Then, we apply those techniques to songs, and this is when style comes in! We work on how easy, released sounds can apply to pop, rock, opera, etc. We focus on roundness and elegance to go through “Nessun Dorma”, while we find easy ways to be aggressive in rock songs.

Last, but not least, we work on how to be emotional! Singing is communicating; we have to be honest in front of our audience and concentrate on our emotions, not on the fears coming from a high note or a difficult passage.

So, contact Brett Manning Studios to find your nearest Brett Manning certified coach and start having fun with your unique instrument—your voice!—no matter what style you sing!

To book a lesson with professional Brett Manning Associate Vocal Coach Giuseppe, email Keith at [email protected] or call (888)269-7758.


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