The 3 Most Important People of Your Career

Throughout history, people of great influence and success have always had strong teams of people around them. No man or woman is an island unto themselves. It takes a team all working towards the same goal and with the same amount of passion and zeal to rise above the fray. Antony had Cleopatra, Roosevelt had Churchill, Johnny had June, and Bert had Ernie. Well the later may be a great duo of my childhood, but the point still stands. We cannot succeed in life without relationship. We need a team around us. And that team is only as strong as our weakest member.

Being a great singer and making it to the top is no different. You need a team around you. This should be people you respect and trust. They should be leaders in their field. There are three crucial components of every singer’s career that must be in place; the vocal coach, the music attorney, and the music producer.

Having a vocal coach is NOT an option. I repeat – it’s not an option. Every athlete in the world has a coach. Any Fortune 500 executives will tell you they had a coach or mentor to help them get where they are. As singers, we need someone who is helping us become the best singer we can be. A coach who will help build the entire voice. A coach who can help with style as well as technique. And a coach who will be an encourager and help keep us grounded and mentally in the game. If you are sitting there reading this, saying, “I don’t need a coach, I’m good enough”, then I’m going to put money on the line by saying, “You will never make it to the big leagues.” It is so important to have another set of eyes and ears helping coach you into being the best singer you can be!

After you are vocally ready to pursue the big-time, you are ready to find the second member of the team. A music attorney will be a vital part of helping develop and protect your career. A respectable and successful attorney will have many connections to the decision makers at labels and booking agencies. Many of your favorite artists have been signed to labels via their attorneys. In my opinion they are needed well before a manager. If you don’t have a deal or a tour or a record, you really don’t have anything to manage. Finding a great music attorney will help push your career along and give you someone who will protect you from the sharks.

Now you are ready to find your producer. Most of the great musical collaborations of our time involved a musical genius behind the sound board. This is why some artists will keep the same producer for all their CDs. Others will move up the producer ladder as they get more successful. Some will work with certain producers depending on the direction of the current project. Regardless, the producer will serve as the “sculptor” of the record. Finding the right fit musically, artistically, and personally is paramount to the success of the project.

Regardless of where you are in the development of your career, I hope you can see how important it is to have a team of people around you who believe in you and your art. You cannot do it all on your own. If you are at home wanting to know where to start in the music industry, I would suggest start by working with a vocal coach. Michael Jordon would never have made it as an NBA great if he never had a coach teach him how to dribble and shoot. Your vocal coach will become and should remain your greatest asset. In the end, if your voice is not nurtured and protected, you will not have an instrument to use. And unlike a guitar or piano that can be replaced, we only get one voice!

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