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This is for all the mommy singers out there. And daddy singers too. I don’t discriminate. As I type this, I’m watching my 7 month old daughter bounce and jump in absolute delight in her little hanging jumper thing. I really have no idea what it’s called. My life has been forever changed. And changed for the better. I love being a mommy. But you guys, there are not enough hours in the day… I actually laugh when I think about how I used to say I was “busy” when I was single. Haha! Perspective is everything. I felt busy back then. But now I’m working part time, mommy-ing full time, renovating a house, living with my in laws, finishing a school endeavor at night after everyone else goes to sleep, and still trying to maintain relationships with my husband, family, and friends. This is the scary part….I ONLY HAVE ONE KID SO FAR. We want more. Holy smokes. Oh yeah, I’m also trying to pursue music somewhere in between naptime and aforementioned jumpy play thing time.

I say all of this because I started getting frustrated and stressed out. There are so many work-music and play-music things on my to-do list right now just collecting dust. I literally didn’t have the time or energy to work on anything related to music and worship that I so desperately wanted to. Then I heard another mommy singer (who is WAY busier than me) say “You CAN have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.” Guys, this set me free!!! Understanding your season is crucial. My maternity leave season was 100% about being a mommy to my precious girl. Now I’m back at work and we are renovating and that is keeping me close to home as well. Soon, we will move in to our currently gutted house and that energy will be devoted elsewhere. Hopefully some to songwriting.

It’s so important, both to your sanity and your effectiveness, that you give yourself grace for your season and use wisdom to discern what is for today and what is for tomorrow. Don’t be afraid that someone else will take your opportunity if you aren’t able to give 100% to your music today. Your gift will make room for you. The opportunities are always recreating themselves. Like those earthworms that regrow their bodies if they get cut in half. Sorry. That’s gross. But I have a baby now so nothing is really that gross anymore.

Whatever your season is, embrace it. If it’s all music all day, be grateful and take advantage of that. If it’s diapers and Sheetrock, be grateful and take advantage of that. Jealousy of your friend/colleague/neighbor’s season is UGLY. Stop it. Tomorrow is a new day.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, my baby girl needs me and that’s all that really matters.

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