The Million Dollar Racehorse

Imagine you just purchased a million-dollar racehorse. Your plan is to take him to the Kentucky Derby where he is expected to win it all. You build him an immaculate stable and rent the best track for him to train in, where there are no potholes or rocks- no chance of him injuring his hooves or his legs. You feed a him a strict diet- only the finest feed in order to make him healthy and strong.

Then one day, you walk outside and find some stranger feeding him candy bars and pouring coca-cola over the bale of hay he’s eating. He smiles and says, “Just wanted to give him a treat!” Imagine the anger you would feel! You’ve just spent a fortune purchasing this powerful animal and another on training and feeding him, only to find some ignorant stranger feeding him candy bars- jeopardizing all of your hard work and resources.

The notion is appalling, and yet, this is what many of us do on a daily basis with our own bodies. We have been given this gift- the ability to sing. In order for the voice to perform at its optimal level, our bodies must be healthy. And yet, many of us (you know who you are)eat food that is absolutely awful for you. You’ve likely heard this before, but in order to be a great singer, you must train like a great athlete. That includes regulating your diet as an athlete should. Believe me when I say, it will make a difference in your voice.

The following are just a few basic guidelines to follow for maintaining a healthy body, and subsequently, a healthy voice:

1. Only consume meat or dairy products that are organic.
If you make one change to your diet, let this be it. Organic, in this case, means free-range, grass-fed, and antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free. When animals are injected with chemicals, it becomes a part of their tissue. When you consume that tissue, it becomes a part of you and affects the way your body functions on a cellular level. Poor living conditions causes animals to stress, releasing even more hormones into their bloodstream. Consuming these hormones can actually increase your propensity for stress, as well.
It also makes a significant difference in the taste of the meat itself. Don’t believe me? I want you to try an experiment. Go to the store and purchase both organic and non-organic eggs. Cook one of each and make a comparison. Notice the difference in color and taste. One of these eggs will taste and look how eggs are supposed to. The other will not. The difference will be drastic. This is an example of what chemicals do to meat products.

2. Avoid cows’ milk as much as possible
I know I addressed milk in the first point, but milk warrants one all its own. Dairy products made from cows’ milk are difficult for our bodies to process, and they encourage the development of excess mucus in the vocal cords, making singing more difficult. I, for one, love the taste of milk, so giving it up entirely was not an option for me. I have, however, supplemented my dairy consumption by purchasing goats’ milk and cheeses whenever possible. The molecular structure of goats’ milk is different than that of cows’ milk and is easier for our bodies to process. Almond, coconut, and rice milk are also great alternatives.

3. Avoid Fast Food
Fast food is almost always filled with trans-fats and MSG and is processed to the point of having virtually no nutritional value at all. Plus, consuming fast food will most assuredly result in breaking rule number one.

4. Avoid white-refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup
Instead, use raw, unrefined sugar (which is not the same as brown sugar). Refined sugars are known as “empty calories,” because they provide no nutritional value to the body. They also contain harmful chemical additives due to their method of processing. Raw sugar contains vitamins and minerals that are actually good for the body. Other healthy, natural sweeteners include stevia, raw honey, and real maple syrup.

5. Eat raw, local honey
Eating local honey will improve your body’s ability to fight off allergens specific to where you live.

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