The Right Notes for Networking in the Music Business

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The face of traditional networking has been dramatically changed by technology and social networking.

The ability to quickly connect with others creates more opportunities for getting press, building a fan base, finding representation, hooking up with songwriting partners, finding the right singer for your band – the possibilities are staggering.

Basic Tenets

The opportunity to be overlooked or get lost in the shuffle of websites, social networking ventures, and marketing ploys has also increased – if networking is ignored. But there are some basic tenets that stand firm through ongoing technological advances in attention-getting and schmoozing.

Who You Know, Technically

Technology gives artists the ability to connect their music to an audience, and they must take advantage of this. They must learn what you can to help facilitate exposure for your work. But, the artist must still devote the lion’s share of their time and energy to their music. The adage of “it’s what you know but who you know” still holds true, but what you know technologically speaking is more of a factor, at least in terms of your awareness of its importance.

Seeking Self-Promotion

So, networking is still the same in the sense that the singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, and musical performer must ideally hook up with experts in media marketing and promotions to help them learn more so they can self-promote or have someone take over the task for them, depending on the financial situation and level of interest. The bottom line is: the more you learn, the better you can help yourself and help others.

Friends + Family

To get started, you can always begin with family, friends, and connections through your training or school, and then reach out beyond that. This is especially helpful if you tend to be shy or not very assertive. But, once again, since technology has increased the speed at which you can hook up with others, get attention, and attract a following, it’s also boosted your ability to get run over, dismissed, snubbed, or quickly forgotten.

Self-Assess Needs + Strengths

The best strategy for networking begins with doing a self-assessment on your needs and strengths. Then you research available resources that can help you meet your needs. Successful networking creates partnerships that are mutually beneficial, providing opportunities for you and for those that help you. As your network grows, you naturally find people that can address your needs while you help them out.

Mutually Beneficial

For example, let’s say you’re a singer-songwriter but you want to focus more on your singing. So, you’re looking for better quality material. This will give you the chance to focus on strengthening your voice while also showcasing stronger songs. A side benefit would be developing your songwriting skills. This helps you to become a better performer overall while providing an opportunity for a songwriter to gain greater exposure.

Clearly Be Yourself

Never be deceptive when you are networking. Be up front and be yourself. Otherwise, you’ll never be properly served, and your reputation can be quickly and permanently tainted. Focus is key; so be clear on what you are looking for when you are networking.
The more specific your criteria, the better the quality of the individual you will find or attract.

Ask Questions

Whether you meet in the studio, at an audition, or via sites such as Facebook, have specific questions in mind that will help with screening and convey what you’re about or are looking for. Also, be personable, friendly, and open.

So, ask questions to get to know the other person before you engage in any self-promotion. Talking about yourself can be a turn off and can convey to those you need to know better that they aren’t that important. Bottom line: you only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Let the light of that positive first impression shine on those you’re seeking to know more about.

Connect Others

Be very clear on what you’re looking for and what you stand for as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer. Always follow up with those you are interested in or those that make a strong impression. And look for opportunities to hook people up with each other. The more you network, the more opportunities you will find for bringing others together. This can serve to provide connections for you down the road.

Variety of Connections

In the pursuit of your singing success there are a number of potentially viable connections that you will make that may serve your career in some capacity or can serve to create an opportunity for someone you know.

Many singers, musicians, and fellow artists you know may be seeking people for a number of positions for their respective careers. These people might be accountants, entertainment attorneys, publicists, or music journalists. They might be photographers, producers, or recording engineers. They might be managers, booking agents, or venue owners.

Don’t overlook web designers, webmasters, graphic artists, music web site owners, or those into online marketing and distribution. There are also radio personalities, concert promoters, and music industry bloggers. And always look for opportunities to connect artists with other artists.

Spark Creative Potential

The key to effective networking is building relationships or connections that will spark or enhance creativity and further define market potential. By becoming a part of online social networking communities you will get more adept at finding what you need and become more skilled at bringing others together.

Our Growing Community

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