The Singer As Producer And More

In an effort to help you enlarge your information circles of connection we’ve committed to an ongoing search to find sites where producers talk about what they look for and what they do to bring out the best in singers and songwriters. We’re also surfing for sites on singers and songwriters who produce.

Jesse Nemitz, BMA vocal coach, sees producing as one of the keys to success for artists.

“It makes you more competitive in the market, and it also helps you with songwriting,” Jesse said, adding that he now begins with an ending point with a song as he works to shape and define the piece. In simplest terms, that is like taking a map and picking out your destination. Then, you plan your trip, including rest stops, points of interest, travel time, and budget.

Set Your Mark – Then Chart Your Course

The same process can be applied to your goals as a singer or performer. You define your voice, style, and look. Then, you set out to chart what must be done to achieve that total package you wish to present in terms of your gift as an artist.

So where does the role of producer factor in? In every aspect a producer works to define, enhance, and deliver your sound to its fullest, purest potential. They are an extra set of ears and eyes that work to shape, secure and showcase what works best.

The challenge for the artist that self-produces is objectivity. But for the artist that produces other artists that objectivity translates into a heightened awareness when self-assessing. The more you learn about what brings out the best in others, the more tools you have to rattle, raise, and refine your finest features.

A Site For Fresh Eyes

A wonderful site to check out is It is operated by singer, songwriter, arranger, composer and producer, James Lee Stanley. It is an information treasure trove of tales and testimonials from a life in music on the stage, in the studio, on the road – all shared in a candid, caring, up close and personal fashion in blog format.

Stanley offers tips on everything from finding the right manager or producer to holding house concerts or hitting the road. He shares real life stories of hands on, heart on the line, triumphs and trials faced as a performer, singer, and songwriter.

Impressive Credits

He has performed with an amazing array of gifted, diverse artists that include John Batdorf, Stephen Stills, Robin Williams, Chicago, Tom Paxton, Mary Travers, John Prine, Phil Collins, Bonnie Raitt, Bill Cosby, Steven Wright, Nicolette Larson, Poco, Dionne Warwick, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Sandra Bernhardt, Robin Trower, the Dixie Dregs, Chick Corea, Ramsey Lewis, John Hiatt, Tom Dundee, and Art Garfunkle, just to name a few.

Information Rich For You To Pitch

This site covers topics as varied as anxiety and nerves, attitude, backing vocals, writer’s block, and how to handle an unruly audience. It is a must read for any singer, songwriter, performer, producer, and all who aspire to lend support on the road to your singing success.

In the weeks again we will find more sites and resources to share to help bring out your full potential on as many levels as possible. Take these resources to heart, share the information, test it, debate it, and make it your own. The more you learn the better equipped you will be to define and refine your very best.

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